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In a right angled triangel the hypotenuse is four times as long as the perpendicular drawn to it from the opposite vertex .One of the acute angel is

6 years ago


Answers : (1)



c2 = h2 + (a-x)2

b2 = h2 + x2

on adding, we have  2h2 + x2 + (a-x)2 = a2 ..(1)

also a = 4h  and cos B = b/a = x/b

so x = b2/a

on solving (1), we have  h2 + x2 -4hx = 0

substituting above gives

b4 + a4/16 -a2.b2 =0 .. (2)

as cos B = b/a

on solving eqn. (2) we have ,  Cos2B = 0.933 or 0.067

Cos B = 0.966 or 0.259

B = 15 or 75 degrees

as B is acute , B is 15 degrees




6 years ago

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Umakant biswal 2 months ago
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Faiz 14 days ago
|sinx|​÷cosx+|cosx|÷sinx how to find the period of function
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monu kumar 3 months ago
Is there any direct formula relating the sides of a triangle and it's area in vectors
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Rock Guitarian 10 months ago
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