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i want to know all about general solutions

7 years ago


Answers : (2)


Hi vignesh kumar

Simply general solution means that your final expression include  all the posible answer of that qusetion

Lets take an example

Question : Sin(x)=0

                  Find  the value of x ?


Solution   now if i want to solve this question then we can easly say that x=0 is tha solution.

              but if you further see that x= ∏ is also its solution

               similarly x=2∏ is also its solution

              similarly we have more solution

              Now we can right all these solution in a single expression

                x=n∏ is its solution for n= 0,1,-1,2,-2,3,-3.........

so what we have done here

 we have just generalise our solution by using a variable n


So x=n∏ is general solution for given question


Please feel free to post as many doubts on our discussion forum as you can. If you find any question Difficult to understand - post it here and we will get you the answer and detailed solution very quickly.
 We are all IITians and here to help you in your IIT JEE preparation. All the best STUDENT NAME.


Askiitians Experts


7 years ago


thank you for the answer.

could you please tell me more about general solutions, ie., the formulae etc.?



7 years ago

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proove that {cot^a(secA-1)}/1+sinA = sec^2A pls help me solve this problem and thak you
I hope you want to prove follwing identity. If yes then this not correct question as this can be never be true . For example put A = 45, LHS and RHS are not equal.
Ajay 3 months ago
Hi Gaurang the question still does not seem to be correct. Can you post the screenshot of question attachment
Ajay 3 months ago
Yes ajay sir I didnt type it correct so it was amistke please help in soving this one and thankyou very much
Gaurang Kotasthane 3 months ago
Prove the following (1+CotA+tanA) . (sina- cosa)= secA/cosec^2A - cosec A/sec^2 A
DEAR STUDENT OR SIR THE SOULUTION IS take LHS (1+cotA+tanA)(sinA-cosA)= (1+cosA/sinA+sinA/cosA)(sinA-cosA) = (sinAcosA+sin^2A+cos^2A / sinAcosA)(sinA-cosA) = (sinAcosA+1 /sinAcosA...
2017 years ago
Cosxcos(2. 180/3+x)cos(2.180/3-x) what is the max and min value of this equation?
Hii What is this 2 in front of the angles that you have written ??
Sourabh Singh 2 months ago
First reduce the eqns by using properties: of 2cosAcosB . Convert them itno singular sin and cos and then write maximum and minimum wwalue altenatively from the Range of sin and cos. which...
Vikas TU 2 months ago
f(x)= -2cos 2 x + 3cosx + 1 find the domain and the range of x
Domain of f(x) is ‘R’ range of the function is (-4,2) I think Iam right. best of luck!!! if u have any further doubt please post it. bye
Gosula Madhukar one month ago
Sum of the digits of the number (10 4n2+8 +1) 2 , where n is a positive integer is ?
Hii Be it any number just calculate the total number of zeros that will precede the unit digit in the number eg 101*101 = 10201 1001 *1001 =1002001 10001*10001 = 100020001 Hence in any case...
Sourabh Singh 25 days ago
what is the value of the product of the slopes of the two lines through (1/2,1) and intersecting 2X+Y=3 at a distance 2.828 from(1/2,1)
Line passing through points (1/2, 1) would be: (y – 1) = m (x – 1/2) y = mx – m/2 + 1............(1) 2x + y = 3 …............(2) sove gthe eqns. (1) and (2). get x and y values in terms of...
Vikas TU 2 months ago
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