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tan 100. + tan 125.+ (tan 100. )(tan 125.) is equal to

A. 0   B. 1/2    C.  -1    D.   1


3 years ago


Answers : (1)



tan(180+45)= (tan125+tan100)/(1-tan125tan100),





3 years ago

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Hint.: 5x = 3x + 2x. Use tan(A+B) formula to simplify it. Thanks.
Vijay Mukati one month ago
Prove that sinA+2sin3A+sin5A/sin3A+2sin5A+sin7A=sin3A/sin5B. Please explain with full steps
i think there is mistake in question. no B in LHS while in RHS there is sin 5B
Akshay one month ago
If tan(α+β-γ)/tan(α-β+γ)=tanγ/tanβ then prove that sin(β-γ)=0 or sin2α+sin2β+sin2γ=0. Please explain with full steps
tan(α+β-γ)/tan(α-β+γ)=tanγ/tanβ write in terms of sine and cos, sin(α+β-γ) * cos(α-β+γ) / (cos(α+β-γ) * sin(α-β+γ)) = sinγ * cosβ / (cosγ * sin β), (1) write sin(α+β-γ) * cos(α-(β-γ)) = ½ * ...
Akshay one month ago
can angular momentum be a scalar ?
Generally, angular momentum is termed as vector quantity; but it is actually a pseudovector. But never it is a scaler
KAPIL MANDAL 4 months ago
I was having trouble solving this question: If the coordinates of a point p be (aCosθ, bSinθ) whereθ is a variable quantity, find locuss of p. I really dont understand how to solve such...
the ans is (x/a) 2 +(y/b) 2 =1 it is simple u just need to eliminate θ and for that take x=acosθ and y=bsinθ so cosθ=x/a and sinθ=y/b now since cos 2 θ + sin 2 θ=1 we get (x/a) 2 +(y/b) 2...
Nicho priyatham 2 months ago
Well that was simple! I guess I’ll just get some practice and would get a hang of it. Thanks!
Jyotinder Singh 2 months ago
2^x=3^y=6^z , then values of x,y&z....
But in general we cannot identify wheter the problem is related to log or something else I am also getting the same answer Can u pl. Tell the correct answer
grenade 2 months ago
it might be the case that u had printing error while posting the answer else you just check out once againg and i will approach u back in few hours
grenade 2 months ago
if we have to prove this result any way then we could easily say that x=y=z=0 which will give us 1=1=1 SMASH THE APPROVE BUTTON IF IT HELPED U
Gman Namg 2 months ago
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