If m= sin6x + cos6x, then m belongs to the interval

(a) [7/8, 5/4]  (b) [1/2 , 5/8]  (c) [1/4,  1]

Explain pls...

2 years ago


Answers : (1)



as a3+b3=(a+b)(a2-ab+b2)

we know that,





we know 0<=sin2A<=1,

so -1<=-sin22x<=0 multiply with -1,

-3/4<=-3/4(sin22x)<=0 multiply with 3/4,

1/4<=1-3/4(sin22x)<=1 add 1,


therefore "m" belongs to[1,1/4].

2 years ago

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If sinx+siny=root3(cosy-cosx) Prove that sin3x+sin3y=0.
Hello students, please check the solution of your question given below: sinx+siny = root3 ( cosx-cosy) 2sin(x+y/2)cos(x-y/2) = root3 {2sin(x+y/2)sin(y-x/2)} sin(x+y/2)[cos(x-y/2)-root3....
Sunil Raikwar 2 months ago
Dear student, According to the given relation, we would have: If we multiply both sides by a factor of 4, we get: This on simplifying gives us: If the right hand side can be simplified to...
Sumit Majumdar 2 months ago
solve those questions.
Hii For a) and f) Use Sin A + Sin B = 2 sin((A+B)/2)cos((A-B)/2) For b) and c) Use CosA + Cos B = 2 cos((A+B)/2)cos((A-B)/2) for d) Use Sin A - Sin B = 2sin((A-B)/2)cos((A+B)/2) for e) Use...
Sourabh Singh one month ago
sinA/2. sin7A/2 + sin 3A/2. sin11A/2 =
use 2sinAsinB = cos(A_B)-cos(A+B)
Sujay 2 months ago
∫cos(2 cot-1​​{ root(1-x/1+x)} = ????
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Jitender Singh one month ago
how to find angle made by vector with x-axis
Say the vector is A. Take dot product with i cap. A.i = |A| . 1 . cos B You know how to calculate A.i. Hence, cos B = A.i/|A| B is the angle with x axis Thanks Bharat Bajaj IIT Delhi...
bharat bajaj 6 months ago
evaluate ∫ 2 cos^2 x- cos 2x / cos^2 x dx
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Jitender Singh 2 months ago
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