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				   IF atanA+btanB=(a+b)tan((A+B)/2), a not equal to 0.        then prove that:acosB=bcosA.

6 years ago


Answers : (1)



Hence, the equation can be written as 


After cross multiplying and simplifying, we get 




If sin(A-B) \= 0, then a cos B = b cos A




6 years ago

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sin24°+cos6°=(√15+√3)/4 . prove that lhs =rhs. pls give the complete steps
Lhs=sin24°+cos6° =sin(90-66)°+cos6°. [We can write sin(90-66)°as cos(66)°.] We get lhs= cos66°+cos6° now just apply formula of cosC+cosD=2cos[(C+D)\2].cos[(C-D)\2] above.. We get...
Bhumiti one month ago
Given tan(6Θ) = p/q Find the value of 1/2(pcosec2Θ – q sec2Θ)
Tan 6x = tan 3*(2x) Using tan 3x formula.....Tan 6x = (3tan 2x - tan³ 2x) / (1 - 3 tan² 2x)Since tan 2x = sin 2x / cos 2x...replacing all and simplifying:Tan 6x = (3sin 2x cos² 2x - sin³ 2x)...
2017 years ago
If the line joining circumcentr and incentre is parallel to BC then cosB+cosC= I had seen that above image submitted by me is unclear . so to view the solution please click the below link . I don’t see ny option to attach image. copy ...
2017 years ago
Drop perpendiculars from I and O on to BC and let the feet of the perpendiculars be P and Q resp. IP = in-radius = r. Also OQ = R cos A. Since OI is parallel to BC, we have IP = OQ i.e. r = ...
3 days ago
d/dx(dy/dx)=(d 2 y/dx 2 ) in this equation why we write dx 2 ? please give me answer urgently
dear iitian..... hear 1/dx*1/dx it means two (dx) are we can write dx^2.thats it.....................................................................................
mohan 8 months ago
from equation we take (dx) 2 why we can’t take that we take only dx 2 why?….….….….….….….….….….….….….….….….…....
murali 8 months ago
A square has two of its side on a circle and other two on a tangent to the circle. Find area of square if radius of circle is 5cm.
Two of its SIDE on circle ?????? Pls correct the question Thanks
Nishant Vora 2 months ago
differentiate (x+2)sin3x/ x 3 +cot 2 x with respect to x
Dear Student, In this problem you will need to use the formula for differentiation of two functions in division i.e. d/dx (1/2) = 2(d/dx (1)) – 1 (d/dx(2)) / (2 2 ) . Also you need to...
Vijay Mukati 7 months ago
) . Also you need to apply chain rule simultaneously.Thanks.or 2 n this problem you will need to use the formula for differentiation of two functions in division i.e. d/dx (1/2) = 2(d/dx...
siva prasad reddy 7 months ago
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