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1.Prove that for real x, tan(x+a)/tan(x-a) when x≠∏/4, 3∏/4 cannot lie between (1-sin2a)/(1+sin2a) and (1+sin2a)/(1-sin2a)

2.Find the set of possible values of tan(x+∏/6)/tanx  where x is any real angle.

6 years ago


Answers : (1)


Dear manoj


    y = tan(x+a) /tan(x-a)

       = sin(x+a)cos(x-a) / cos(x+a) sin(x-a)

       =[sin2x + sin2a]/[sin2x -sin2a]

 use componendo and divedendo

(y+1)/(y-1) = sin2x /sin2a


   sin2x = (y+1)sin2a /(y-1)

for every real value of x

-1≤  sin2x ≤1

 so  -1≤  (y+1)sin2a /(y-1) ≤1

 simplyfy each side of inequality

  (1-sin2a)/(1+sin2a)  ≤  y  ≤   (1-sin2a)/(1+sin2a)

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6 years ago

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Apply sinc + sind and cosc + cosd forulae: and divide them u would get the relation of tan in terms of a and b. And then after find sin(A+B) taking lhs and prove it for RHS.
Vikas TU 2 months ago
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Already explained. Check your previous question. Here Period is associated with Time Period. ANd all trignometrc functions have generally period of 2pi.
Vikas TU 2 months ago
I can`t solve it i tried 1000 times i think i need help so please solve it quickly
I solved similar problem for another user, refer to link below
Ajay 2 months ago
Sorry, But your question is blurred in the attachment. Plz write it on discusion forum by typing if u can do this.
Vikas TU 2 months ago
Two vectors A &B lie in a plane , another vector C lies outside this plane then the resultant of these three vetors i.e., A+B+C?
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Piyush Behera 7 days ago
In class 12, just few months left.. So just brushing up few topics. Need help with this complex number sum. Thank you.
Hello, I understand the situation. But unfortunately Your question in the attachement is blurred. It’s not clearly visible. So pls repost it this time try to type the question by yourself...
Vikas TU 24 days ago
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Dear Sreekanth Indla, The vector which has the unit magnitude then it is called as unit vector.It plays very important roll in vectors.If you like this please approve it.Thank you.
SAI SARDAR 7 months ago
It is a vector of unit magnitude and points in a particular direction Unit vector has no units and dimension It is used to specify a direction only.
ADARSH REDDY 7 months ago
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