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				   sir my obc rank in iit jee is 2170 ,but last years maximum closing rank in obc category was there any chance for me to get a seat? pls rely !! i am n gr8 trouble

6 years ago


Answers : (1)


dear gaurav,

the information fetched by you is almost correct , chances are almost nil that you can get any seat in IIT'S , but you need not to be hope less,

However seats may vary is anyhow some candidates they drop the seats then you can get throug the IIT's.

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Askiitians provide you all the best possible information, feel free to ask.

all the best.

thanks and regards.

Akhilesh Shukla

6 years ago

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Solve: (sin theta+cosec theta)^2 + (cos theta +sec theta)^2- (tan^2 theta + cot ^2 theta)^2
What needs to be solved here ? The question is incomplete....................................................................
Ajay 3 months ago
this is the question :: Solve: (sin theta+cosec theta)^2 + (cos theta +sec theta)^2 - (tan^2 theta + cot ^2 theta)
Naveen Shankar 3 months ago
i got it open the bracket and simplify and get the answer as 5 …..............................................
Naveen Shankar 3 months ago
secA-tanA = K, then sinA = ? sin x + sin y = a ; cos x + cos y = b, then tan(x+y/2) = ? (ans in terms of a and b)
secA- Tan A =K 1-sinA/ ( 1- sin 2 A) ½ =k k 2 = 1- sin A / 1+ sin A By applying componendo and dividendo, sinA = 1- k 2 /1+k 2 sinx + siny= 2cos(x-y/2)sin(x+y/2) =a Cosx+ Cosy=...
Subhiksha one month ago
rewrite the last equationasTan (
Subhiksha one month ago
Plz do help me...if |sin x|
@ partha your question donot have any attachment with it , kindly repost the full question that what u want to calculate from |sin x | .. and also attach a proper picture with appropriate...
Umakant biswal 2 months ago
Dear friend |sinx| = sinx since the value of the x is anything but the sinx have mod. So, the |sinx| = sinx. thank you
Intrigate (1÷logx)-(1÷(logx)^2) upper limit e lower limit 2
U could easily break the integration in two parts ; when u would integrate this by using part function(Taking 1 as 2 nd function) , it will get cancelled(other part) and u would end up with ...
Satyam 3 days ago
how to determine the possition of orthocentre of triangle?i.e inside,outside or on the tringle.
The orthocenter is not always inside the triangle. If the triangle is obtuse , it will be outside. To make this happen the altitude lines have to be extended so they cross. Adjust the figure...
Sorathiya Kashyap one month ago
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