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Hello sir,

I have got EEE @ BITS Pilani campus and also EEE at NITK Suratkal. II have no problem with the EEE course @ BITS but in NITK I would have preferred the ECE course which I won't be getting 99.99%. So what should be my choice ? Also I would like to know which would be more helpful for me if at all I want to go into further studies & which would be helpful if I want to take up a high paying job. I want to add that though I live in Bangalore I have no problems going to far-off place like Pilani.



7 years ago


Answers : (1)


hi manjunath,

if u r not getting ece at nitk which wud be ur choice den u remain wid eee at bits pillani n nitk surathkal.......In dis situation i will say dat dis is a very easy situation for u as u just hav to compare d two colleges as u already said u don't hav problems in going to far-off place like start wid d ranking of d two colleges as u must hav found dat dis year according to india today bits pillani is ranked 7th just after iits n der placements r almost of similar level as dat of iits ,on d other hand nitk surathkal is also ranked among d top nits but if u compare d reputation of nitk wid pillani den u will find pillani far better dan i will advise u to join bits pillani as it wud give u better job prospects n better recognisation....

If u wanna go for higher studies den also bits will be d better option as it has got higher reputation n will help u in getting gud universities after ur graduation ....i also wanna add dat if u go for higher studies den i think u will go abroad den dis reputation will play a handy role in getting u into better institutes.....nw if u wanna a high paying job,den also better option is bits as der avg. package is quite closer to iits n it is definitely better dan nit k in d end i agian just wanna remind u dat bits is a very reputed institute n will help a lot in shaping ur carrier as successfull....just go for bits pillani...

7 years ago

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which university i take for mechanical engineering in pec or mechanical engineering in nit jalandhar
@ nakul go for nit jalandhar , as its far better good than pec , nit jalandhar have a nice campous and they have large workshop for mechanical engg , and also that nitian tag , that are...
Umakant biswal 2 months ago
should i go for mechanical engineering or manufacturing technology nit jalandhar
nakul 2 months ago
how would i enter into RGUKT AP- IIIT situated at kadapa RK VALLEY.
first you should crack your tenth class exams by getting 10.0 points for private schools – 10.0 points for govt. schools – 9.8 points
KALYAN one year ago
according to your 10 th class grade points you will get seat in IIIT. govt school students have more opportunity to get seat because they add 0.4 points to your original GPA. who are the...
Gaddam Chethan 10 months ago
NARAYANA 10 months ago
I'm getting mechanical in iit mandi and mechanical in dtu so which would be a better choice in terms of further opportunities of going abroad for ms and placements? i have no preferences...
If you’re looking for higher studies you need to get score good score in GRE, college preference doesnt matter much. IIT Mandi is a new one but you’ll definitely have a decent...
Avinash one year ago
Prefer DTU over IIT Mandi. As Mandi is a newer IIT.
Vijay Mukati one year ago
You should go for IIT M
AKSHAY SHARMA one year ago
I have got 120 in jee mains and 93.2 % in 12th CBSE Boards and I belong to General Category. Pl suggest me some good colleges (private/government). I would even prefer Industrial/Production ...
Dear Student, Now that the results have announced you can check your exact rank in online score card on JEE website. And then you can check the opening and closing rank of colleges you want...
Nishant Vora one year ago
Your score is good both in JEE as well as in board, but check your rank first as the result has been made public and seconly keep an eye on the latest updates of counselling rounds, no...
Ayushmaan Vardhan one year ago
Did you get into somewhere or not? You must vosot the official website of Josaa to find out where you have been allotted a seat, may also go for a comparative analysis of some...
Soneel Verma one year ago
Sir which of these would be better BITS Goa CS, IIT BHU Chemical Engineering or ISM CS if palcement & packages are to be considered
If palcements & packages are to be considered CS would take first place everywhere, all the time
Avinash one year ago
CS id always ahead in terms of placement with respect to other branches. Also BITS goa has good coding culture
vb one year ago
so sir in your suggestion CS from which of these would be the best: ISM, BITS, DTU, NSIT
Mehul Bhatia one year ago
Which is a better option- it in nsit,Delhi or ece in mnnit allahabad ?
IT is always in demand . Although the scope of ECE is also there in future but that is also connected with the coding companies. So, go for IT sector .
Suraj Prasad 3 months ago
Dear Student, this is purely a matter of your personal choice as per your area of interest. Both the institutions are equally good in almost all the respects. Have you been allotted or...
Aneesh Sehgal 3 months ago
@ aditi The first choice is the preferred one , as i=nsit delhi have a great demand all over the world , and even ece have scope , but MNIT is not that much good for it , so, better go with ...
Umakant biswal 3 months ago
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  • Complete JEE Main/Advanced Course and Test Series
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  • Complete JEE Main/Advanced Course and Test Series
  • OFFERED PRICE: R 15,000
  • View Details

Get extra R 3,750 off

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