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                   what is minimum cut off marks of nit in india?

& How many?

5 years ago


Answers : (2)


Dear Manam,

The minimum cut off marks for AIEEE to get any of the NIT's is approximately 240.

If you succeeded to score anyhow above 375 then you might can achieve top rank and you can get any of the best NIT's.

However scoring below 240 marks would be bit tougher for you to get into the  NIT's, but you can get any of the well known institutes accoring to your rank.

For further details visit the following link:

Askiitians provide you the best online interactive guidence for IIT JEE. 

5 years ago

i think it will be around 225

5 years ago

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I have secured 94% in CBSE, MPC (100+50+50) 187.5/200, IIT MAINS - 83; What are my chances to get admitted to ECE/CSE/EEE under TN-state quota in NIT Trichy.
Its difficult to get in NIT Trichy. Dont loose hope. All the best
Avinash 22 days ago
As you have secured 83 in jee its too difficult to get into IIT’S and NITS.As you secured good percentage in cbse of 94% there are many privite universities which will offer you ECE/CSE/EEE ...
abhinaipadachuru 23 days ago
very rare case to get in nit trichy prefer the punjab university, THAPAR university still don’t loose the hope and all the best for your carrer
grenade 15 days ago
Sir I am expecting 50000-6000 AIR in Jee Main 2015. I want to do Computer Science Engineering. What should I do - either continue with this rank or drop a year?
if u really want cs then my advise is to take drop and if u have a good persent in bord as more than 85 then no problum but if u have less u must repeat bord also to get good rank next year ...
Gayatri Jayesh Bondriya 17 days ago
Try to take amission from private top university so that they provide excellent placement opportunities top infrastructure,the universities are Chaitanya Bharathi Institute of Technology,...
abhinaipadachuru 10 days ago
if you wanna get in a reputed colleges i would advice you to drop
sajid 15 days ago
Sir i got 61 in JEE MAINS. 86% in cbse board. My percentile in board will be around 88. After calculation, i.e. (60% of 61) + (40% of 88), i am 72. For OBC NCL, Qualifying marks for...
Its too difficult to to get into NIIT’s.It wil be a good choice if you will join privite universities which provide you good placement opportunities,scholarships and top infrastructure.As...
abhinaipadachuru 21 days ago
very rare chances ….….….…. hope for the best
sajid 15 days ago
rare case
grenade 28 days ago
are not there any books for AIIMS for class 9?
Actually not, Being honest, i found materials for class 9, 10 are very humbeled for Engg and PMT prep, level is very good, except this Bharti Bhawan publication launch a set...
Saurabh Kumar 2 months ago
Dear Student, You can use Disha Publication’s Biology for Aipmt. Thanks
Nishant Vora 2 months ago
Can i prep for Aipmt within one month ? Do i even stand a chance if i prepare in one month only? And should i refer only ncert books or any other.
You cannot prepare for AIPMT in one month. Your preparation also depends upon how much syllabus you have covered and how much time you are devoting to prepare. NCERT are must for AIPMT but...
Raheema Javed 3 months ago
Please give me detailed Introduction of Hyper threading Technology.
Processor resources, however, are often underutilized and the growing gap between core processor frequency and memory speed causes memory latency to become an increasing performance...
Amit Saxena 6 years ago
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