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                   what is minimum cut off marks of nit in india?

& How many?

5 years ago


Answers : (2)


Dear Manam,

The minimum cut off marks for AIEEE to get any of the NIT's is approximately 240.

If you succeeded to score anyhow above 375 then you might can achieve top rank and you can get any of the best NIT's.

However scoring below 240 marks would be bit tougher for you to get into the  NIT's, but you can get any of the well known institutes accoring to your rank.

For further details visit the following link:

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5 years ago

i think it will be around 225

5 years ago

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Amit Shekhar 8 months ago
sir,i got 194 in bitsat.will i get any branch in it?
u can get B PHARMACY in bits pilani , but its not very good stream and alos very less scope except dis u cant get any bits and any stream as min score is 300 to get in bits u can check niit...
ng29 7 days ago
The cut off list varies every year, you better check the cutoff for this year and then decide whether you fit inti BITSAT ornot, you may try at Guru Jambeshwar Hisar, Maharishi...
Soneel Verma 7 days ago
last year cut-off was 284. so it might be difficult
SAITEJA GOUD 9 days ago
sir i got 94 in manipal.will i get any branch?
With a score of 94 yes u can get into the main campus but it is that u won't get ur preferred branch,with a score of 94 u will get Bio-med, Bio-tech and print and media. These are the...
Komal 9 days ago
Be there or try atother reputed institutions as well, go for Deenbandhu Chhotu Ram Uni, Murthal, Netaji Subhas Inst. of Tech. delhi, LPU Phagwara, VIT Vellore. BHU Varanasi
Soneel Verma 7 days ago
I am a student in grade 8.What are the necessary preparations to be taken from now for AFMC PUNE?
At present, concentrate on study now and try to get full marks in the subject.., think about AFMC when come in class 11.
Saurabh Kumar 29 days ago
The Maximum area of the triangle formed by the complex coordinates z 1 , z 2 , z 3 which satisfy the relations I z - z 1 I = I z - z 2 I , I z- (z 1 +z 2 ) / 2 I I ??? 2 – z 1 I z
Hi, The first equation says that z lies on perpendicular bisector of line joining z1 and z2. But your second equation is not visible. Please write complete equation with proper sign to get...
Yash Baheti 8 months ago
i appeared for cbse board this year.i am stressed about what %age i am getting please tell me does cbse guys check the paper’s leniently or they cut the marks for every point mistakes.this...
of course it is true that this year both maths and english exams were tougher than previous years and dont worry about cbse result, as i had read an article in times of india that checking...
ng29 21 days ago
look its not fixed that where will pares will be sent for checking it varies per year and nothing can be said about ot but i guess it can be confirmed from ur school as one my friend told...
ng29 21 days ago
this year it will be little lenient because of toughness of exam and on the requests of students and teachers it will be loose marking
ng29 21 days ago
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