a thermostat bottle containing coffee is vigourously shaken...then...   does its temperature rise or not
Please give me a detailed solution

6 months ago


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what is coherent waves?
Technically coherence may be defined as wave property for which corresponding points on the wave front are in phase. For our purpose however we may look upon it as describing a wave of a...
Indu 3 months ago
The waves which are 1.produced by monochromatic source 2.have same frequency 3.have same amplitude 4.same polarization 5.they have to be in same phase, are called coherent waves.
G.Rajashekar 10 months ago
A super positioned wave that does not interfere with other waves in the conductance pathway is called as coherent waves.
P.Sai vardhini 3 months ago
A heavy box of mass 20 kg is pulled on a horizontal surface by applying a horizontal force. If the coefficient of kinetic friction between the box and the horizontal force is 0.25, find the...
Dear student, The force of friction exerted by the horizontal surface would be given by: Regards Sumit
Sumit Majumdar 5 days ago
Two large vertical and parallel metal plates having a separation of 1 cm are connected to a DC voltage source of potential difference X. A proton is released at rest midway between the two...
As we know that F=qE also F=mg due to mass and gravitation there fore qE=mg q(v/d)=mg V=mgd/q now putting the values v=1.67*10-27*10*10-2/1.6*10-19 we get V=10-9 V hence the option (c) is...
Mukesh Sharma 6 months ago
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