a thermostat bottle containing coffee is vigourously shaken...then...   does its temperature rise or not
Please give me a detailed solution

6 months ago


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Why is casting done with cast iron instead of copper?
casting is usually done with the melting of pig iron comparing the yield strength and tensile strength with copper which is far better than copper.it is used used for casting(cast iron)...
Sunil Kumar FP 3 months ago
what is entropy
It is the measure of the disorder of a system where disorder refers to the number of states a system can be in, having a fixed composition, volume,energy,pressure and temperature. Thanks...
Ruchi Shaw 5 months ago
why dipole direction is from negative to possitive
The torque on a dipole is given by, The torque obtained is positive when the direction of the dipole is taken from negative charge to positive charge. Another reason is, in analogy with...
kiran kumar 9 months ago
electric field direction is from possitive to negative so dipole direction is from negative to possitive then there is no replusion force of attraction
Shivaram Eppalapelly 9 months ago
why does moving electric field creates magnetic field ?
thats all about electromagnetic waves.the elecric and magnetic fields and waves are interrelated. The fact is, magnetism is nothing more than electrostatics combined with special relativity....
yash kulshrestha 4 months ago
A particle of mass 20 g is thrown vertically upwards with a speed of 10 m/s. Find the work done by the force of gravity during the time the particle goes up.
Suppose the particle reaches a maximum height h. As the velocity at the highest point is zero, we have or, The work done by the force of gravity is
Apoorva Arora 12 days ago
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