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a ring shaped tube contains 2 ideal gases with equal masses and molar masses M1=32 and M2=28. the gases are seperated by one fixed partition and another movable stopper s which can move freely without friction inside ring.the angle made by mass M1 is________.

6 years ago


Answers : (1)

										Dear student Ms. Shefali,

by the objective approach; let the cross section area is A0 and common temp T0, common pressure P0,
for gas 1: PV=nRT
P0 * A0 * L1 = [w/32] R * T0 ...............(1)
for gas 2: P0 * A0 * L2 = [w/28] * R * T0..............(2)
where L indicates the length of the arc on ring

By equation 1 / 2
L1/L2 = 28/32 = 7/8
So angle made by gas (1) = 7/[7+8] * 360
= 7/15*360 = 168 degree

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Pramod Kumar
IITR Alumni

6 years ago

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