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Chandrakesh Shukla Grade: 12
        The enthalpy of formtion of H2O(l) is -28070kjmol and enthalpy of neuralisation of a strong acid and strong base is -5670 kjmol what is the enthalpy of formation of OH-
7 years ago

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Dear student,

Enthalpies of Formation

Using Hess's Law we can calculate reaction enthalpies for a variety of reactions using tables of known enthalpies

Many experimentally determined enthalpies are listed by the type of process

  • D

  • H for converting various liquids to the gas phase are listed in tables of enthalpies of vaporization
  • D

  • H for melting solids to liquids are listed in tables of enthalpies of fusion
  • D

  • H for for combusting a substance in oxygen are listed in tables of enthalpies of combustion

The enthalpy change associated with the formation of a compound from its constituent elements is called the enthalpy of formation (DHf )

Conditions which influence enthalpy changes include:

  • temperature

  • pressure

  • state of reactants and products (s, g, l, aq)

The standard state of a substance is the form most stable at 298 ?K (25 ?C, or standard "room temperature") and 1 atmosphere (1 atm) of pressure

When a reaction occurs with all reactants and products in their standard states, the enthalpy change is the standard enthalpy of reaction (DH?)

Thus, the standard enthalpy of formation (DH?f)of a compound is the change in enthalpy that accompanies the formation of 1 mole of that substance from its elements, with all substances in their standard states

The standard enthalpy of formation for ethanol (C2H5OH) is the enthalpy change for the following reaction

6 years ago
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