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how to prepare 0.1n HCL

3 years ago


Answers : (1)


Dear Preetha,

38 % HCL shows density 1.19 g/mL. Hence 1000 mL weights 1190 grams and contains 0.38 x 1190 = 452.2 g of HCl (12.39 moles per 1L).
Using equation M1V1 = M2V2 you can obtain
V1=0.1 x 1000 /12.39 = 8,1 mL (for 36 % HCl  V1= 8.6 mL)

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Aman Bansal

Askiitian Expert


3 years ago

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to about mollecules
Gavvala Ganesh 2 months ago
What is a pseudo first order reaction or pseudo unimolecular reaction?
the order of reaction with respect to a given substance is defined as the index or exponent to which its concentration terms in the rate equation is raised
N JYOTHEESWAR 13 days ago
Reactions whose actual order is different from that expected using rate law expression are called pseudo-order reactions; e.g., (i) RCl + H
Gaddam Chethan 13 days ago
pseudo first order reaction is nothing but the reaction which are independent on initial concentration of the reactants
KALYAN 13 days ago
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Neeti 4 months ago
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phophorous symbol?
phophorous symbol IS P
DURGA PRASAD 2 months ago
mamidi 2 months ago
pralay 2 months ago
Give the disproportionation reaction of H3PO3.
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KUNCHAM SAMPATH 2 months ago
p shows +5 ,pcl5 shows +5
Gavvala Ganesh 2 months ago
On heating it undergoes disproportionation reaction to give ortho phosphoric acid and phosphine In this ...
SHANMUKESHWAR 2 months ago
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