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                   what is the shape of ccl4 and why?

5 years ago


Answers : (1)


Hi ,

CCl4 has a tetrahedral shape, owing to four bond pairs of electrons repelling each other to positions of maximum separation and minimum repulsion. The angle between bonds is 109.5 degrees.

In the carbon tetrachloride molecule, four chlorine atoms are positioned symmetrically as corners in a tetrahedral configuration joined to a central carbon atom by single covalent bonds. Because of this symmetrical geometry, the molecule has no net dipole moment; that is, CCl4 is non-polar. Methane gas has the same structure, making carbon tetrachloride a halomethane. As a solvent, it is well suited to dissolving other non-polar compounds, fats and oils. It can also dissolve iodine. It is somewhat volatile, giving off vapors having a smell characteristic of other chlorinated solvents, somewhat similar to the tetrachloroethylene smell reminiscent of dry cleaners' shops.

Shape of CCL4

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5 years ago

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Jee pb
please see attachment first then read this remaining question if the second step is rate determining step then the order od rxⁿ wrt NO is
dear friend here the second step is the rate determining step or the slowest step. Here the slowest step is the second step.So the rate will depend on the concentration of 1 power of NO...
Sunil Kumar FP 8 months ago
Since here the cesond step is rate determing therefore thge proceed of the reaction will depend on the second step which is the slowest step. The order of the reaction will be-k[NOBr2][NO]...
Sunil Kumar FP 8 months ago
yes you are correct but i missed one step i told that rate =k[NOBr2][NO] But rate of formation of NOBr2=k1[NO][Br2] therefore,rate=kk1[NO]^2[Br2] Thus the rate with respect to NO will be 2...
Sunil Kumar FP 8 months ago
We know that metal oxides are basic and non metal oxides are acidic. What nature does metal hydrides and non metal hydrides show?
Hydrides are those compounds which are formed between hydrogen and other elements.Depending on what elements the hydrogen bonds to,these are of following types- 1. Ionic hydrides –...
Aarti Gupta 7 months ago
Yes ionic hydrides are basic so act as reducing agent in metallurgical proces.These are also known as saline hydrides as their properties are is similar to salt and covalent ones are...
Aarti Gupta 7 months ago
This means that ionic and interstitial hydrides are basic and covalent hydrides are acidic. Isn’t it?
Shibashis Mallik 7 months ago
one litre of oxygen at NTP is allowed to react with trhree times ofcorbon-monoxide at NTP.calculate the volume of each gas found after the reaction?
½ O 2 + CO.....................> CO 2 1L............3L.........................0L 1L-1L.......3L-2L..................2L 0L.............1L........................2L
Naveen Kumar 3 months ago
Just apply the Avogadro’s law of equal volume, you will get the answer
Suraj Prasad 3 months ago
ethyl amine
its C2H5NH2 what do u wnat 2 ask about it kindly post ur que properly approve if useful
ng29 one month ago
Could u elaborate ?
Drake one month ago
i am very confuse double bond/triple bond is preferred over ether or opposite happens plzz help me..
In IUPAC naming of organic compounds containing double/triple bond and ether functional group, priority is given to the double bond/triple bond over ether group.
Pankaj 28 days ago
You are always welcome
Pankaj 20 days ago
THank u Pankaj Sir
Mohammad Kavish 25 days ago
suggest me a jee Advanced book for inorganic chemistry please or tell wether i should buy a “cengage inorganic” or a “ Concise Inorganic Chemistry for JEE Main/Advanced ” plz.
you should buy concise inorganic chemistry if u like to read in novel like style.
Pranshu 24 days ago
i think u should prefer pradeep objective and it is best book bcoz it is very selective and contains all the topics that are in jee advanced syllabi also contains quesyions for practice u...
ng29 26 days ago
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