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                   what is the shape of ccl4 and why?

6 years ago


Answers : (1)


Hi ,

CCl4 has a tetrahedral shape, owing to four bond pairs of electrons repelling each other to positions of maximum separation and minimum repulsion. The angle between bonds is 109.5 degrees.

In the carbon tetrachloride molecule, four chlorine atoms are positioned symmetrically as corners in a tetrahedral configuration joined to a central carbon atom by single covalent bonds. Because of this symmetrical geometry, the molecule has no net dipole moment; that is, CCl4 is non-polar. Methane gas has the same structure, making carbon tetrachloride a halomethane. As a solvent, it is well suited to dissolving other non-polar compounds, fats and oils. It can also dissolve iodine. It is somewhat volatile, giving off vapors having a smell characteristic of other chlorinated solvents, somewhat similar to the tetrachloroethylene smell reminiscent of dry cleaners' shops.

Shape of CCL4

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6 years ago

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SAI SARDAR 2 months ago
what are the uses of amorphous solids
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babi 2 months ago
Amorphous solids such as glass and plastics are very important materials and are widely used in construction, house ware, laboratory ware etc. Amorphous silica is likely to be the best...
L GOUSE BASHA 2 months ago
amorphous solids are used in constructions,houseware,laboratory and also used in making tyres,shoes etc
pralay 2 months ago
which book is preferred to prepare for atomic structure
P bhadur is the best book for preparation of atomic structure if you solve all the question and study the concepts given in tho book then you can master atomic structure and can solve any...
Himanshu one month ago
Well p bahadur no doubt .. It is a very good... But there is certainly another book named numerical – R C Mukherjee....
Trina 27 days ago
phosphorous atomic number?
DURGA PRASAD 2 months ago
mamidi 2 months ago
pralay 2 months ago
WHAT IS THE answer?
Dear PRAPULPODISHETTI, Please paste complete answer in one attempt so that questioner does not get mails on your each and every answer. This irritates the questioner and we are getting lot...
Forum Team 3 months ago
NCl 3 NAME is Nitrogen trichloride. option is A
What is mischmetal? Give its composition and uses?
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KUNCHAM SAMPATH 2 months ago
An alloy containig lanthanide metal, iron, traces of S,C,Ca and Al is mischmetal. It is used in Mg-based alloy to produse bullets, shell and lighter flint.
Mischmetal: an alloy of cerium, lanthanum, and other rare earth metals, used as an additive in various alloys, e.g. in flints for cigarette lighters.
RAKESH CHINDAM 2 months ago
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