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Chlorophyll the green colouring matter of plant contains 2.68% of magnesium. Calculate the number of atoms of Mg in 2g of Chlorophyll.

6 years ago


Answers : (2)


Dear Chanchal,

since  chlorophyll contains 2.68% Mg therefore weight of Mg in 2g chlorophyll = 2×2.68/100 = .0536 g

now Mole of Mg = weight/atomic weight

                    = .0536/24

       since 1 mole contains  6.023×10^23 particles

        therefore number of atoms present in .0536/24 mole will be = (.0536/24) × 6.023×10^23

                                                                                               =1.34 × 10^23 atoms of Mg



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Abhishek Jain



6 years ago

the no. of mg atoms in 2g of chlorophyll =1300000000000000000000 atoms

6 years ago

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