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For CrCl3.xNH3 ,elevation in boiling point of one molal solution is triple of one molal aqueous soln of urea. Assuming 100% ionization of complex molecule, calculate the value of x.

6 years ago


Answers : (1)


For the elevation in boiling point to be 3 times that of urea, the solution of complex should contain 3 times more number of particles compared to urea solution.

[Cr(NH3)4Cl] Cl2 can give 3 times more particles than Urea because, Complex ion is 1 particle, 2 Cl1- particles are obtained after ionisation as they are present out side the sphere of coordination. So, X= 4.

3 particles should be; 1 complex ion + 2 ions, invariably Cl1- . So, Coordination number 6 is satisfied by 4 NH3 and 2 Cl1-


6 years ago

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