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       out of C6H5-CH2' radical and (CH3)3C' radical which is more stabe.... why.....?

6 years ago


Answers : (1)


out of these two benzyl radical is more stable because it is have resonance structure

but tertiary alkyl radical is not stable because it is not having resonance structures

conclution:- as the number of resonating structures increases always that compound is stable

if the compound which donot have resonance structures that compound is unstable

example :- out of primary alkyl radical ,secondary alkyl radical & tertiary alyl radical

tertiary alkyl radical is more stable than secondary alkyl radical than primary because of +IE as the no. of +IE groups increases

stability of that radical increases

in the case of teritary alkyl radical it is having 3 +IE groups ie why it is more stable comapare remaining one also


thank u

6 years ago

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