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in  arranging the compounds according to increasing order of nucleoplicity if all the compounds have negative charge with lone pair of electrons and if the +m effect  is more dominating than -i effect then how will arrange the compounds for example in case of sodium bengote(1),paramethylsodium bengoate(2),para methoxy sodium bengoate(3) and para chloro sodium bengoate(4) . sir in these given compound if we arrange the compounds according to the +m effect the arrangement should according as 3,4,2,1 but scince we have to also take into account the+i effect of the functional  group then what should be the increasing order of of there nucleophilicity? and please thhe the short hand method to see which nucleophili is more strong ? 

6 years ago


Answers : (1)

										All the three groups -Cl, -OCH3and -CH3.
Order of +I effect is
-Cl < -OCH3< -CH3<CH2-CH3
As we know , +I effect or electron releasing effect of any substituent increases the electron density on ring which results in decreasing the nucleophilicity of compounds.
Sodium benzoate does not have electron releasing group while p- methoxy sodium benzoate, p- methylsodium benzoate and p- chlorosodium benzoate have -OCH3, --CH3 and -Cl groups respectively which show +I effect and decrease thenucleophilicity.
So, if we take only +I effect in account the order would be
i.e.Sodium benzoate >p- chloro sodium benzoate >p- methoxy sodium benzoate>p- methyl sodium benzoate
2 years ago

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why cynide are use during preparation of benzoin from bezaldehyde
Dear student Cyanide is used in benzoin condensation as :- 1.It is a very good nucleophile 2.It is also a very good leaving group.
Bhavya one month ago
why need heat during meta dinitrobenzene synthesis or heat duration 30 minut why
@ sanam it is important that the reaction will not get too hot . it should not go above 70 degree celsius , but at least 60 degree celsius need to be maintained in that case , taht is the...
Umakant biswal one month ago
WHAT IS MEANT BY SOLUTION.................................................?
Solution is the mixture of many or atleast two differnt propertiesess materials. The minor part is the solute and the major part is the solvent. Both get mixed and is called the solution.
2017 years ago
can you please explain me detail that Is milk of magnesia a suspension or it is a colloidal solution?
@ sai milk of magnesia is called as magnesio hydroxide , , and anything which contains suspended particles in it , we define that as suspension , " so, it is a suspension of mh (oh) 2 in...
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Milk of magnesia is a suspension in water in a colloid there are small particles floating in the solution showing colloidal effect but in case of milk of magnesia or paint there is a...
Biswajit dash one month ago
Why isn`t size of indium lesser than that of gallium becoz of shielding effect ?
The simple reason is: Due to d- block elements contraction. and radii of 4d series and 5d series is almost equal due to lanthanide contraction.
Vikas TU 8 days ago
What is the structure of ortho boric acid...??also , explain its structure..
Dear student Below is the structure of Boric acid But there exists extensive hydrogen bonding in between the OH groups of boric acid because of which the new structure becomes :-
Bhavya 2 months ago
ortho boric acid is the weak monobasic acid which is also used as antiseptic and for health hazards. the thre -OH group are simply attached with boron atom as usual with sigma bonds. the...
Vikas TU 2 months ago
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