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IUPAC System

7 years ago


Answers : (1)


with the rapid growth of organic chemistry, it was realized that the nomenclature of fast increasing number of organic compounds should be related to their structure in a systematic manner as to avoid undue strain on memory. The first rational system of naming organic compounds was evolved in 1892 by the international chemical congress at Geneva under the name of Geneva system of nomenclature. However, the system was partially revised in 1931 and the revised system was referred to IUC system. Modifications in this system have been made from time to time by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry and in its present form, the system is known as IUPAC system (pronounced as eye-you pack). It is the most modern and largely used system. This system has been evolved in 1957 and some additions and subtractions were done in 1967. The IUPAC system has set rules for naming organic compounds on the basis of their structures. These rules underwent further modifications in 1979 and later revised in 1993. The name assigned on the basis of latest IUPAC rules to an organic compound is known as its systematic name.

Salient features of IUPAC system

1. A given compound can be assigned only one name.

2. A given name can clearly direct in writing of one and only one molecular structure.

3. The system can be applied in naming complex organic compounds.

4. The system can be applied in naming multifunctional organic compounds.

5. This is a simple, systematic and scientific method for nomenclature of organic compounds.

7 years ago

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