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Criteria of purity of organic compounds

6 years ago


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After purification, the test of purity of an organic compound is the nest important step. A pure organic compound possesses characteristic physical properties such as refractive index, specific gravity, boiling point, crystalline structure and melting point. If a purified sample shows the same properties that the pure substance is known to possess, it may be considered as pure and no further purification is required. However for practical purpose in laboratory only melting point and boiling point are used as criteria for purity.

A pure organic solid has a definite and sharp (sudden, rapid and complete) melting point, while an impure substance has a lower and indefinite melting point.

The melting point of a solid may be defined as the temperature at which the solid and liquid states of the compound are in equilibrium with each other at an external pressure of l atmosphere.

6 years ago

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how to read organic chemistry and please tell how to remember organic chemistry
Organic chemistry is simplest part of chemistry, but most of the students will find it very difficult because they do not understand basics . If one understands basics then it is very easy...
Ramreddy 8 months ago
See, first of all you must have a good knowledge of all the reagents i.e what is the effect of those reagents and in what conditions they react and what products are formed. then you just...
Suraj Prasad 8 months ago
there is a bokk SN SANYAL which contains reactions, rearrangements and reagents i.e the complete organic chemistry organic chemistry is very scoring so u must have deep knowledge about it...
ng29 2 months ago
Hi experts could you notify me on the BITSAT 2015 announcement and also suggest me which book to refer for organic chemistry – OP Tandon or RS Agarwal.
Important Notifications for BITSAT! BITSAT date of Examination - 14th May to 1st June 2014 BITSAT 2014 Notification released. Online application has begun. To apply online for BITSAT go to...
Harishwar 9 months ago
Thanks for the reply. Again confused. Are you replying about 2014 announcement?
Vishuwaesh 9 months ago
in my opinion answer may be 1 because in this carbocation there is maximum p-pi---p-pi back bonding, as nitrogen is more electronegative order of backbonding is N>O>F but i think answer wil ...
ng29 22 days ago
No ng but I studied about the mesomeric effect whIch is dominant than other factors for the stability of carbocation Over here it would be stabilise by resonance
grenade 18 days ago
B option is correct because of its+M(resonacce) effect stabilise the carbocation ther stability of a c + is like +M>+H>+I plz aprve
grenade 22 days ago
estimate the amount of magnesium that will be dissolved by a current of 01 ampere flowing for one hour
use the formula m=eit m=0.1x60x60e...............e=2/96500 m=7.46x10 -4
noogler 2 months ago
sorry 4 previous ans. i forgot to convert t in sec
noogler 2 months ago
1.24x10 -6
noogler 2 months ago
Speed of decomposition of H 2 O 2 is reduced by
It is Reduced by MnO2 and water is formed.
Suraj Prasad 25 days ago
I checked the ans its coming alcohol.Pls tell me how .
Kartikey Sharma 18 days ago
Why is an alloy considered to be a solution?
Some are; some are not. Gold, silver and copper form solution alloys in all proportions. Others, such as duralumin and steel, have inter-metallic crystals dispersed in the predominating...
vikas yadav 3 months ago
One more point------------> Solutions are any mixtures where each individual element cannot be seen. Alloys, such as brass and steel, meet this qualification. This is why they are solutions.
vikas yadav 3 months ago
proportions. Others, such as duralumin and steel, have inter-metallic crystals dispersed in the
vikas yadav 3 months ago
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