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Criteria of purity of organic compounds

5 years ago


Answers : (1)


After purification, the test of purity of an organic compound is the nest important step. A pure organic compound possesses characteristic physical properties such as refractive index, specific gravity, boiling point, crystalline structure and melting point. If a purified sample shows the same properties that the pure substance is known to possess, it may be considered as pure and no further purification is required. However for practical purpose in laboratory only melting point and boiling point are used as criteria for purity.

A pure organic solid has a definite and sharp (sudden, rapid and complete) melting point, while an impure substance has a lower and indefinite melting point.

The melting point of a solid may be defined as the temperature at which the solid and liquid states of the compound are in equilibrium with each other at an external pressure of l atmosphere.

5 years ago

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which book is beeter solomon or morrison
ashwini 6 months ago
why benzene does not form hydrogenbond in water where as glucose form hydrogen bond in water ?
Benzene does not make hydrogen bond with water. The hydrogen attatched to a higly electronegative element(F,O and N) can only make H-bonding. Benzene does not have this kind of hydrogen
Abhishek Singh one month ago
Actually, there is the hydrogen bond formation by benzene in water. Please check.
Yash Jain 2 months ago
The ticked answer is the answer provided by the book. Is the sum of locants rule not violated here? Please expain in detail how this compound is named.
No such rule is violated here. See, for the main compound, we have a cyclohexane ring and all the rest groups are substituents. For numbering, we choose the substituent having max. no of...
Yash Jain 3 months ago
So we don’t even number according to alphabetical order? Is it the same with straight chain compounds?
Ayesha Khan 3 months ago
Barium is a toxic metak,and barium sulphate is uded in x-rays. why?
Barium is an heavy metal, and its water-soluble compounds are often highly toxic.Barium sulphate is an inorganic compoundhaving chemical formula BaSO4 which is anwhite crystalline solid and...
Aarti Gupta one month ago
Pushkar Aditya one month ago
how do polar solvents help in the first step in SN1 mechanism
TheSN1 reactionis asubstitution reactioninorganic chemistry. "SN" stands fornucleophilic substitutionand the "1" represents the fact that therate-determining...
Sunil Kumar FP 6 months ago
why is nh3 has larger bond angle than nf3?
hi how ru?
Danthoju shiva prasad 5 months ago
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