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sources of organic compounds and its uses

5 years ago


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The simplest organic compounds are hydrocarbons. All organic compounds can be derived from hydrocarbons by substituting a hydrogen atom with a suitable functional group. Replacing a hydrogen atom by a OH group in a hydrocarbon, gives an alcohol: replacement of H atom in a hydrocarbon by COOH group gives in a hydrocarbon carboxylic acid, and so on.


Lower alkenes are used as fuel and illuminant. These may be obtained by the cracking of kerosene or petrol.

Alkynes are generally used as the starting materials for the manufacture of a large number of organic compounds of industrial importance such as, chloroprene, vinyl chloride etc.

Benzene is used as a starting material for dyes, drugs, perfumes and explosives and polymers

Petrol and petrochemicals :

Sources of Hydrocarbons
     Until the early years of the nineteenth century, only the plants and animals were the known sources of organic compounds. With the advent of the Industrial Revolution in Europe, fossil fuels like coal and petroleum gained prominence as the sources of organic compounds, particularly hydrocarbons. Today, hydrocarbons are mostly obtained from petroleum. In recent years coal has started gaining prominence, probably due to the uncertain conditions in the world oil market.

Synehtetic Petrol :The petrol obtained artificially from coal as a mixture of alkanes resembling petroleum like aliphatic hydrocarbon fuels is called synthetic petrol. Two important methods for producing synthetic petrol are the Fischer-Tropsch process and the Bergius process. These processes were developed in Germany during World War II, when its petroleum supplies were cut off. Germany produced considerable amounts of fuel from coal by the above processes during that period.




5 years ago

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Carbon forms :Diamond,Graphite,Fullerence,Charcol,Carbon nanotubes
Carbon forms :Diamond,Graphite,Fullerence,Charcol,Carbon nanotubes
GANESH BABU 7 days ago
what is nitrolium
Calcium cyanamide is the with the formula CaCN 2 .It is commercially known as nitrolium.
2015 years ago
a chemical fertilizer? (a) Nitrogen and limestone (b) Calcium carbide and nitrogen (c) Calcium carbide and carbon
-5 hours ago
bio molecules just visit this link u well get answers of all ur questions PLEASE ..... if u like my answer and my answer is use full...
Gayatri Jayesh Bondriya one month ago
If the atomic weight of carbon to be 6 amu the value of Avogadro constant will be. Exp with steps.
The number 6.02214179×1023alone is calledAvogadro's number (NA) orAvogadro'sconstant . It wont be changed with change in Carbon’s atomic mass
Harishwar one month ago
Calculate molarity of water
1 liter would weigh 1 kg. this mass is divided by the molecular weight of water(18.0152g/mol) gives 55.5 moles molarity of water is 55.5 mole/litre
A M S ARUN KRISHNA one month ago
how to remember inorganic equation
inorganic chemistry as always considered as the easiest part and it can easily be remembered by just write and read, all you need to do that when you are not able to remember something just...
Ashutosh Sharma one month ago
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