sources of organic compounds and its uses

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The simplest organic compounds are hydrocarbons. All organic compounds can be derived from hydrocarbons by substituting a hydrogen atom with a suitable functional group. Replacing a hydrogen atom by a OH group in a hydrocarbon, gives an alcohol: replacement of H atom in a hydrocarbon by COOH group gives in a hydrocarbon carboxylic acid, and so on.


Lower alkenes are used as fuel and illuminant. These may be obtained by the cracking of kerosene or petrol.

Alkynes are generally used as the starting materials for the manufacture of a large number of organic compounds of industrial importance such as, chloroprene, vinyl chloride etc.

Benzene is used as a starting material for dyes, drugs, perfumes and explosives and polymers

Petrol and petrochemicals :

Sources of Hydrocarbons
     Until the early years of the nineteenth century, only the plants and animals were the known sources of organic compounds. With the advent of the Industrial Revolution in Europe, fossil fuels like coal and petroleum gained prominence as the sources of organic compounds, particularly hydrocarbons. Today, hydrocarbons are mostly obtained from petroleum. In recent years coal has started gaining prominence, probably due to the uncertain conditions in the world oil market.

Synehtetic Petrol :The petrol obtained artificially from coal as a mixture of alkanes resembling petroleum like aliphatic hydrocarbon fuels is called synthetic petrol. Two important methods for producing synthetic petrol are the Fischer-Tropsch process and the Bergius process. These processes were developed in Germany during World War II, when its petroleum supplies were cut off. Germany produced considerable amounts of fuel from coal by the above processes during that period.




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What is the meaning of line that this compound is aromatically stabilized?
The stability of aromatic compounds arises because all bonding orbitals are filled and low in energy. If I have helped you please approve my answer!!
raunak samanta 3 months ago
Aromatic compounds are much stable than non- aromatic. for a compound to be aromatic : 1. It should be planar 2. It should have ( 4n + 2 ) Pi electrons.. where n= 0,1,2... i.e it should have...
Vignesh M 3 months ago
Aromatic compounds are much stable than non- aromatic. Why?
Drake 3 months ago
which book should i refer for the best concept.
OP Tondon. It''s the best book for Organic. Well explained theory and beautiful questions.
Mujahid Ahmed one year ago
You should mention yhe subject or the topic for which u r seeking the book...
Piyush Agarwal one year ago
hc verma is best book physics
divya kumari 11 months ago
metal x forms two oxides.formula of the first oxide is xo2.the first oxide contains 50 %of oxygen and second compound contains 60% oxygyen .what is the formula of second oxide
let the formula of the compound be X0k where k is any integer for XO2 atomic mass of x 32/m +32=1/2 m=32 now for XOk 16k/32+16k=6/10 k=3 therfore the formula of the compound is XO3 thanks...
Sunil Kumar FP one month ago
Regards Sumit
Sumit Majumdar one month ago
what volume of 0.1M KMnO4 is need to oxidise 100mg of FeC2O4 in acidic medium?
As their number of equivalents are equal i.e n1v1=n2v2 so, We just need to find out these variables. n1 i.e normality of KMn04= molarity x n-factor n-factor of KMn04 in acidic medium is 5...
RON 8 days ago
vapour pressure of 4% solution of a nonvolatile solute in water at 100 centigrade is 745mm .what is the molecular weight of solute
thanks and regards sunil kr askIITiab faculty
Sunil Kumar FP 28 days ago
760-745/760=4*18/M*96 M=38
Sunil Kumar FP 28 days ago
760-745/760=4*18/M*96 M=38
Sunil Kumar FP 28 days ago
Question in image.
it represents instantaneous rate of reaction ans(c) The termrateis often used to describe the change in a quantity that occurs per unit of time. The rate of inflation, for example, is the...
Sunil Kumar FP 12 days ago
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