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sources of organic compounds and its uses

5 years ago


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The simplest organic compounds are hydrocarbons. All organic compounds can be derived from hydrocarbons by substituting a hydrogen atom with a suitable functional group. Replacing a hydrogen atom by a OH group in a hydrocarbon, gives an alcohol: replacement of H atom in a hydrocarbon by COOH group gives in a hydrocarbon carboxylic acid, and so on.


Lower alkenes are used as fuel and illuminant. These may be obtained by the cracking of kerosene or petrol.

Alkynes are generally used as the starting materials for the manufacture of a large number of organic compounds of industrial importance such as, chloroprene, vinyl chloride etc.

Benzene is used as a starting material for dyes, drugs, perfumes and explosives and polymers

Petrol and petrochemicals :

Sources of Hydrocarbons
     Until the early years of the nineteenth century, only the plants and animals were the known sources of organic compounds. With the advent of the Industrial Revolution in Europe, fossil fuels like coal and petroleum gained prominence as the sources of organic compounds, particularly hydrocarbons. Today, hydrocarbons are mostly obtained from petroleum. In recent years coal has started gaining prominence, probably due to the uncertain conditions in the world oil market.

Synehtetic Petrol :The petrol obtained artificially from coal as a mixture of alkanes resembling petroleum like aliphatic hydrocarbon fuels is called synthetic petrol. Two important methods for producing synthetic petrol are the Fischer-Tropsch process and the Bergius process. These processes were developed in Germany during World War II, when its petroleum supplies were cut off. Germany produced considerable amounts of fuel from coal by the above processes during that period.




5 years ago

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which is more reactive toward electrophilic aromatic substitution: Ph-OH or Ph-OR and why....
--OR group has +R effect and _I effect..Thus for electrophilic aromatic substitution Ph-OH is more reactive because of greater _I effect of OH as compared to OR..
Bhubesh 4 months ago
Ph-OR , because it -R also has some +I effect.
daksh 4 months ago
Why is the fossil record important to the theory of evolution?
If you mean Darwin's theory of evolution by Natural Selection, then fossils are important because they are 1) evidence of extinction and 2) that more lineages went extinct than survived and...
vikas yadav one month ago
applying Carbon dating to the Fossil fuels one can know the age of the fossil and by various fossil fuels one can know how different animals lived during different time periods and thus can...
why cycloalkane are less stable than open chain alkane?
they are unstable due to angle strain refer to BAYER STRAIN THEORY for proper understanding approve if useful
ng29 one month ago
approve if useful
ng29 one month ago
Don’t the electrons in an electron pair repel each other?
Hello Student Yes the electron pairs respell each other. The repulsion among the electron pairs determine the geometry of any molecule. The order of repulsion is Bond Pair – Bond Pair...
Gaurav 2 months ago
Yes, they do, and this is why pairing of electrons is related with an extra energy known as pairing energy. And this is why pairing starts only after each orbital has one electron.
Gaurav 12 days ago
No I meant two electrons paired together ...dont they repel each other?
Satviki Pathak 2 months ago
what is the faraday’s equivalent of 9.8g of k2cr2o7 ?
here 6 is n- factor of k2cr207 (moles of electrons needed to reduce 1 mol. of k2cr2o7)
Abhishek Singh 4 months ago
moles of k2cr2o7 is= 9.8/294=1/30 moles eqvalents = 1/30*6=0.2
Abhishek Singh 4 months ago
estimate the amount of magnesium that will be dissolved by a current of 01 ampere flowing for one hour
use the formula m=eit m=0.1x60x60e...............e=2/96500 m=7.46x10 -4
Svbsmanyam 22 days ago
sorry 4 previous ans. i forgot to convert t in sec
Svbsmanyam 22 days ago
1.24x10 -6
Svbsmanyam 22 days ago
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