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Please explain the process of corrosion of iron?

7 years ago


Answers : (1)


Corrosion of Iron

Corossion is defined as the gradual transformation of a meat into its combined state because of the reaction with the environment. Metas are usually extracted from their ores. Nature tries to convert them again into the ore form. The process, by which the metals have the tendency to go back to their combined state, is termed as corrosion.

When iron is exposed to moist air, it is found to be covered with a reddish brown coating, which can easily be detached. The reddish brown coating is called 'Rust'. Thus, the corrosion of iron or formation of rust is called rusting. The composition of the rust is not certain but it mainly contains hydrated ferric oxide, 2Fe2O3.3H2O, together with a small quantity of ferrous carbonate. The rust is formed by the action of water on iron in the presence of dissolved oxygen and carbon dioxide. It has been observed that impure iron is more prone to rusting.

The following are the favourable conditions for the rusting or iron

  1. Presence of moisture

  2. Presence of a weekly acidic atmosphere.

  3. Presence of impurity in the iron

7 years ago

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