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                   what is the amphoteric nature of water

how do we know that h2o is loosing or gaining electrons

3 years ago


Answers : (1)


Chemically, water is amphoteric — i.e., it is able to act as either an acid or a base. Occasionally the term hydroxic acid is used when water acts as an acid in a chemical reaction. At a pH of 7 (neutral), the concentration of hydroxide ions (OH−) is equal to that of the hydronium (H3O+) or hydrogen (H+) ions. If the equilibrium is disturbed, the solution becomes acidic (higher concentration of hydronium ions) or basic (higher concentration of hydroxide ions).

Water can act as either an acid or a base in reactions. According to the Brønsted-Lowry system, an acid is defined as a species which donates a proton (an H+ ion) in a reaction, and a base as one which receives a proton. When reacting with a stronger acid, water acts as a base; when reacting with a stronger base, it acts as an acid. For instance, it receives an H+ ion from HCl in the equilibrium:

HCl + H2O ? H3O+ + Cl−
Here water is acting as a base, by receiving an H+ ion.

In the reaction with ammonia, NH3, water donates an H+ ion, and is thus acting as an acid:

NH3 + H2O ? NH4+ + OH−

3 years ago

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what is c-c bond length of diamond?
The carbon-carbon (C-C) bond length in diamond is 154 pm
1.54 A c-c bond length of diamond
RAKESH CHINDAM one month ago
sanjay one month ago
what is a homogenous mixture
metals as well as non metals
KUNCHAM SAMPATH one month ago
Definition of Homogeneous Mixture : A mixture which has uniform composition and properties throughout. For example, air is a homogeneous mixture of gases. A teaspoonful of table salt...
venky one month ago
A homogeneous mixture is simply any mixture that is uniform in composition throughout.
SHANMUKESHWAR one month ago
Why +I group increases bascitiy and delocalization of l.p. increases basicity..???
+I groups are those groups which delocalize the electron pair away from itself. Therefore a partial + charge + appears on the group and - on the carbon to which it is attached.Now when a +I ...
Neeti 2 months ago
absolutely. :) which part was not clear? the delocalization right? see, nitrogen, oxygen, these atoms when in the form of a compound, have lone pairs. they can donate these lone pairs to...
Neeti 2 months ago
No No, i thought the same but then i thought that you must be talking about the group itself which is showing delocalization and that is also showing basicity. see in case of...
Neeti 2 months ago
how can we store air in aerogel?
aerogel is a synthetic porous altralight material derived from a gel, in which liquied component of gel has been replaced with a gas.The result is a solid with exreamely low density and The ...
SAI SARDAR 22 days ago
aerogel is a synthetic porous altralight material derived from a gel, in which liquied component of gel has been replaced with a gas.The result is a solid with exreamely low density and The ...
BOLLU SRINIVAS 22 days ago
what is vapour density of NH3?
682 kg/m is the density of liquid nh3
sanjay one month ago
Ammonia Vapour Density (1.013 bar at boiling point) is 682 kg/m 3
L GOUSE BASHA one month ago
20 g of impure NaCl solution is added to aqueous solution having excess AgNO3. AgCl precipitation is obtained with mass 28.7g. find % purity of NaCl.
sory corect answer is 58.5 you can approach it by writting the balance chemical eqn {1 mol agcl will be produced by one mol of nacl} so 28.7g of agcl ie;0.2 mol will be produced by 0.2 mol...
abhishek kumar 2 months ago
as 0.2 moles of agcl is produced it means Chlorine obtained from nacl was also 0.2 moles. this implies 0.2 moles of nacl were present in the impure solution. molesXatomic weight(nacl)= MASS ...
akash 2 months ago
ya thanks, but the answer i have is 58.8%. so if anyone can provide a reason for this answer, i'll be really thankful. still thank you Mr. Akash
vindhya 2 months ago
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