the reaction of ROH with HI in presence of Red P, give the products RI and RH........


2 years ago


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How many moles of gaseous products are formed on heating 3 moles of oxalic acid? Also name the gaseous products formed.
On heating oxalic acid(C 2 O 4 H 2 ), formic acid is formed. 3C 2 O 4 H 2 -----------------> 3CO 2 H 2 + 3CO 2 Oxalic Formic Carbon dioxide acid acid Thanks & Regards Aarti Gupta...
Aarti Gupta 2 months ago
@ aarti u absolutely wrong ..............oxalic acid on heating gives CO +CO2 + H2O kaisi faculty ho yaar formic acid kabse banne laga
sizzi 2 months ago
3CO +3CO2+3H2O is the right answer
sizzi 2 months ago
What is the first element on the periodic table ?
hydrogen (H) is the first element in periodic table Thanks & regards Mukesh Sharma Ask iiTians Faculty, Jiwaji university , Gwalior Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE
Mukesh Sharma 5 months ago
hydrogen is the first element on the periodic table.
chandrika 5 months ago
hydrogen is first element
king 5 months ago
Raoult`s law (for solutions having nonvolatile solute)--According to this law ``relative lowering in vapour pressure is equal to mole fraction of solute. suppose p 0 is vapour pressure of...
Kamlesh Kumar 5 months ago
`The relative lowering of vapour pressure of the dilute solution of a non volatile solute is equal to the mole fraction of the solute in the solution` Relationship between RLVP and molecule...
KATIPERI 5 months ago
General statement of raoult law - partial vapour pressure of a volatile component is directly proportional to its mole fraction in liquid solution
Parveen Khurana 5 months ago
what is meant by activation energy? please reply quickly sir?
It is a minium energy required to convert all reactants into products. Ex: Giving a spark to petrol to burn.We are giving minimum energy in the form of spark, it is a activation energy.
srinu kummari 10 months ago
The minimum amount of energy required by reactant molecules to participate in a reaction is called as "activation energy".
koreti thirupathi 10 months ago
it is the energy required by reactants to initiate the reaction
Ambuj Bansal 9 months ago
alkane molar mass of 72 g/mol
the general formula of alkane is CnH(2n+2) its molar mass is 70 it implies 12n +2n+2=70 n=5 therefore it is pentane. thanks and regards sunil kr askIITian faculty
Sunil Kumar FP 3 months ago
alkane molecular formula is cn h2n+2 so that carbon mass 12 and hydrogen mass 1 then 12n+2n +2=72 then it is pentane
chevvakula tulasi 3 months ago
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