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                   the reaction of ROH with HI in presence of Red P, give the products RI and RH........


3 years ago


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Reaction of alkyl halide with KCN yields alkane nitrile while reaction of alkyle halide with AgCN yield isocynide. Explain why?
this ques is in ncert. Being a covalent compound only N atom is available for attack when agcn is used. And in KCN both are available for attack due to ionic character but only carbon atom...
shashank 13 days ago
Why don’t we write Mg 2 + O 2 = MgO in the reaction of Magnesium ribbon burning in air, since the valency of magnesium is 2.
yes you can write, Mg 2 + O 2 → Mg 2 O 2 we can cacel the 2. for eg. if the formula for a compound is – X 3 Y 6 , then we can write this as XY 3 that is why we can write Mg 2 O 2 as MgO,...
Vaibhav Gupta yesterday
compare the stability of the following compounds, (i) (a) ph-ch2(free radical) (b)(ch3)3c(free radical) (c)ch3-ch(free radical)-ch3 (d)ch2=ch-ch2(free radical) (ii)(a) ch2=ch(free radical)...
ch2=ch-ch2(free radical) is an allyl i mistook it for vinyl. allyls are more reactive than primary secondary and tertiary radicals and vinyls are less reactive. ch2=ch(free radical) is a...
sufi digital 8 months ago
actually i meant allyls are more stable than primary secondary and tertiary radicals and vinyl is less stable. allyls are stabalised by resonance but vinyls are not. by mistake i wrote...
sufi digital 8 months ago
and for the second question,answer is ph-ch2(free radical)> ch3-ch2(free radical)>ch2=ch(free radical)>ph(free radical)> ch(triple bond)c(free radical)
vineet chatterjee 8 months ago
Is it possible to de-salinate (Take salt out of) the ocean water?
yes. reverse osmosis (a sort of filtering) is the most effective and efficient way on the large scale, but it is still not very efficient and it is expensive (requires a lot of energy) and...
vikas yadav 3 months ago
You just have to boil it. Salt doesn't evaporate at that low of a temperature. Just catch the steam and allow it to cool back down to liquid form. That's pure H2O. If you want to do it on a ...
vikas yadav 3 months ago
How to remember p block reactions
No shortcut, you have to start from NCERT and go through the questions..
Saurabh Kumar 2 months ago
it is very important chapter in both jeee main and advance u start with ncert by reading the text and marking the important points and do intext as well as back questions then have a look...
ng29 2 months ago
if u know how to balance reaction then just remember the products as many of the reactions have common products
Shubham Singh 2 months ago
do noble gases form coordinate bond?comment
Coordination compounds such as Ar·BF 3 have been postulated to exist at low temperatures, but have never been confirmed. Also, compounds such as WHe 2 and HgHe 2 were reported to have been...
Kalyani Jayachandran Menon 12 days ago
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