the reaction of ROH with HI in presence of Red P, give the products RI and RH........


2 years ago


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how alkenes react with hydrated proton
For the hydration of alkenes, the general chemical equation of the reaction is the following: RRC=CH2 in H2O/acid → RRC(-OH)-CH3 A hydroxyl group (OH−) attaches to one carbon of...
Harishwar 3 months ago
1)write bond line formula for tertiary butyl cyclo pentane. 2)convert benzene---P-Nitro Bromo Benzene
1. Bond Line Structure ofbutyl cyclo pentane. 2. Benzene to pera-nitro bromobenzene
Pankaj 4 months ago
if there is hydrogen bonding between nitro and oh then meta nitrophenol must b stronger acid than p ????????????? plz ans y meta is weaker
Nitro group is an electron withdrawing group and thus it attracts the electron density of the ring and also affects the O-H bond of the alcohol group due to the resonance so that the Oxygen...
sumit kumar 5 months ago
Which books are good for theory and practise in all branches of chemistry??
I guess you are asking for the singl book which covers physical,inorganic and organic chemistry.For that study NCERT+DINESH or Comprehensive.It will be a great help for both theory and...
Sunil Kumar FP one month ago
N 2 + 3H 2 --------> 2NH 3 If vol. of reacting container is 4L & K c =1.49 * 10^(-5) L 2 mol -2 , then degree of dissociation of above Equilibrium is ?
N 2 + 3H 2 ----------> 2NH 3 at t=0 x 3x 0 at eqm x – a 3x -3a 2a K C = ( 2a/4) 2 ( 1 – a/4) ( 3- 3a /4 ) 3 N O W NEGLECT “ a “ IN THE DENOMINATOR AND SOLVE FOR...
bharat makkar 3 months ago
bharat makkar 3 months ago
At a given temperature a saturated aqueous solution of KI 127 is prepared and then solid radioactive KI 131 is added. Comment whether the solution will become radioactive or not and why.
the solution will become radioactive because I 131 is not stable isotope. So unstable nuclei is radioactive..........................................................
Ramreddy 26 days ago
can anyone explain in terms of ionic equilibrium ???
Souvik Chaki 21 days ago
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