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Respected, Membars and Teacher plz explain What is d-d transmision and also f-f transmision? And give the reason why transition elements are colured? Thanks

3 years ago


Answers : (2)


Acc to the the crystal feld theory,in the presence of a ligand atom the d subshell splits into two subshells called eg and t2g (g stands fr gerade). When an electron jumps frm eg to t2g  or vice versa it is called d-d transition. Due to this transition, the complexes r able to absorb and emit light light of a certain energies (depending on the CSE), thats why they r coloured compounds 

3 years ago

Transition elements are coloured due to the presence of unpaired electrons in the d orbit.

These unpaired electrons undergo transition within the d orbitals. ie.

When the electron moves from one orbital to another energy is released as em waves in visible spectrum. This movement of electrons occurs as the d orbitals has similar energy.

3 years ago

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Please explain how to count the no. of pi electrons in the attached image (the answer is 10)
i think its 8 , 3 double bonds =6pi electrons and 1l.p of oxygen is delocalised so that the compound is aromatic. The other is in sp 2 hybridised orital
Abhishek Singh 6 months ago
2 lone pairs on the oxygen molecule are in unhybridized p orbitals. Buy ‘solomon&fryhle’’s book on organic chemistry (INR700). It takes 6-8 days to read it’s 1090 pages provided you’ve read ...
Manas Bondale 6 months ago
3 double bonds corresponds to 6 pi electrons , in addition to it there are two lone pairs with oxygen which are counted as pi electons , therefore 6+4=10
daksh 6 months ago
Cannizaro reaction is not given by Chloral HCHO 2-methylpropanal p-methoxybenzaldehyde The answers are 1,2 I have doubt in 3,4. Generally aldehydes without alphe hydrogen give cannizaro...
Dear student canninzaro reaction is given by only those aldehydes in which alpha-hydrogen is absent.So formaldehyde(HCHO),chloral(CCl3CHO) and p-methoxy benzaldehyde all will give this...
Aarti Gupta 6 months ago
Canninzaro reaction is the characteristic of those aldehydes which do not contain alpha-hydrogen.Thus formaldehyde(HCHO),chloral(CC3CHO) and p-methoxybenzaldehyde will show this reaction as...
Aarti Gupta 7 months ago
But CCl 3 CHO does not undergo cannizaro reaction. CCl3CHO +OH - = CHCl 3 . But not cannizaro products. The answers are chloral and p-methoxybenzaldehyde. How can 2-methyl propanal (...
Himaja 7 months ago
Which has higher resonance energy ch2=ch-f or ch2=ch-br?
ch2=ch-br has high resonance energy because lone pairs on Br involve in resonance easily giving more delocalization and hence more resonance energy. Flourine is more elctronegative thats why...
Ramreddy 8 months ago
yes the other one has more resonance energy because resonanance is more effective in C-F bond than in C-Br bond
daksh 8 months ago
the other one has more resonance energy
agam goel 8 months ago
trick for learning periodic table faster
are u an indian origin boy(Hindi) or not indian(english)
grenade 28 days ago
Period 1 – H, HeThis is pretty simple.Mnemonics – Hi HelloPeriod 2 – Li, Be, B, C, N, O, F, NeMnemonics – Little Betty Became Charlie’s Number One Freind and NeighbourPeriod 3 – Na, Mg, Al,...
grenade 28 days ago best here is the song
grenade 28 days ago
Enthalpy of combustion of H2 to form H20 at 298K is -298KJ/mole. Bond enthalpies of H-H and O=O are 433KJ/mole and 492KJ/mole respectively. Find bond enthalpy of O-H ?
The reaction can be given as: H2....+......(1/2)O2..................................>......H2O.......+......298kJ/mol In this reaction, for combustion of 1 mole of H2, one mole of H-H...
Naveen Kumar 8 months ago
Dear student just replace the sign of the energy released because it is exothermically released. what you will get is also bond energy released in the formation of O-H bond....
Naveen Kumar 8 months ago
answer is not matching , answr given is B
Damini Parihar 8 months ago
Oxidation state of nitrogen in ncl3
nitrogen and chlorine have almost equal en ( 3.0 ).But nitrogen is smaller in size than chlorine. So chlorine is assigned +1 in NCl3, OS N = -3 and OS cl = +1
Himaja one month ago
@ gman namg you were wrong Chlorine oxidation state is not fixed it may have -1(Nacl),+5(NaClO 3 ), +7(HClO 4 ) etc.
K Keerthirajan one month ago
the oxidation state of chlorine is fixed thus we can take out the value of nitrogen will be +3
Gman Namg one month ago
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