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Respected, Membars and Teacher plz explain What is d-d transmision and also f-f transmision? And give the reason why transition elements are colured? Thanks

3 years ago


Answers : (2)


Acc to the the crystal feld theory,in the presence of a ligand atom the d subshell splits into two subshells called eg and t2g (g stands fr gerade). When an electron jumps frm eg to t2g  or vice versa it is called d-d transition. Due to this transition, the complexes r able to absorb and emit light light of a certain energies (depending on the CSE), thats why they r coloured compounds 

3 years ago

Transition elements are coloured due to the presence of unpaired electrons in the d orbit.

These unpaired electrons undergo transition within the d orbitals. ie.

When the electron moves from one orbital to another energy is released as em waves in visible spectrum. This movement of electrons occurs as the d orbitals has similar energy.

3 years ago

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Please explain how to count the no. of pi electrons in the attached image (the answer is 10)
i think its 8 , 3 double bonds =6pi electrons and 1l.p of oxygen is delocalised so that the compound is aromatic. The other is in sp 2 hybridised orital
Abhishek Singh 2 months ago
2 lone pairs on the oxygen molecule are in unhybridized p orbitals. Buy ‘solomon&fryhle’’s book on organic chemistry (INR700). It takes 6-8 days to read it’s 1090 pages provided you’ve read...
Manas Bondale 2 months ago
3 double bonds corresponds to 6 pi electrons , in addition to it there are two lone pairs with oxygen which are counted as pi electons , therefore 6+4=10
daksh 2 months ago
Is “optically active” the same as “ chiral carbon” ?
Optically active is an term which is used to describe an organic compound that shows optical activity.In this phenomenon the compound can rotate the plane of polarised light either to right...
Aarti Gupta 2 months ago
no they are totally different things. Optically active substances are substances which change the plane of polarisation of ppl light either to left or right. the compound must have...
Abhishek Singh 2 months ago
which book is beeter solomon or morrison
ashwini 7 months ago
which oxidation state is stable for Actinide series
Actinium Its chemistry is dominated by (+3) O. S. Its compounds are colorless. There are 29 known isotopes. It does not have absorption in the UV visible region between 400-1000nm. 227Ac is...
Suraj Prasad 5 months ago
please answer... question attached...
why so ? give explanation ..
Shiva Kumar Pogula one month ago
tarun kumar garg one month ago
Calculate the wavelength of light emitted during the transition of an electron in b/w two levels of the Li 2+ ion, whose sum is 4 but difference is 2.
let the wavelength of light be represented by ^ here the sum fo two transition n1+n2 =4 and the difference is n1-n2 =2 solving both the equation we get 2n1 =6 ,n1=3 n2=1 therefore,1/^ =RZ^2...
Sunil Kumar FP 5 months ago
sum is 4 and diff is 2 let them be ‘x’ and ‘y’ then x+y=4 x-y=2 solving this we get x=3 y=1 then simply apply rydberg’s formula and calculate
ninad kumbhojkar 5 months ago
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