Can any1 tell me what is the number of cyclic isomers of C5H10?

2 years ago


Answers : (2)



2 years ago



3)1,1-dimethyl propane

4)1,2-dimethyl propane

5)1,3-dimethyl propane

6)1,4-dimethyl propane

7)ethyl propane

one year ago

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can anyone tell me briefly what is optical isomerism and what is optically active and inactive?
Optical isomerism is a form of stereoisomerism. Optical isomers are molecules that differ in connectivity by the placement of substituents around one or more atoms in a molecule. they...
Vikash Kumar 9 months ago
A optically active compound is a compound which have either a chiral centre or they do poses POS and COS
gyan prakash 9 months ago
vamsi 9 months ago
How vl u obtain diacetonamine from acetone??
By reaction of acetone with Ammonia we can obtain diacetoamine from acetone Thanks & regards Gaurav Singh askIITians Faculty
GAURAV SINGH 5 months ago
2 molecules of Acetone undergoes Aldol condensation and dehydration to give mesityloxide via formation diacetonealcohol. The nucleophilic substitution (NH3) across the alpha,beta unsaturated...
sachin 5 months ago
sir but how v cn obtain 2 molecules of acetone??? thats diacetonamine frm NH3????
raghasri raghavan 5 months ago
ive posted the same 2 or 3 times but no reply yet!! Can someone please explain the mechanism by which resorcinol (1,3 dihydroxy benzene) undergoes iodoform reaction Hope i get an answer this...
Thats what is given in ms chauhan Also it was asked in FIITJEE AITS
NANDA 6 months ago
Are you sure it undergoes the reaction.? Because it doesnt seem likely.
Pradyumna Sadgir 6 months ago
According to polyhedral electron count rule, the structure of Rh6(CO)16is (A) closo (B) nido (C) arachno (D) hypho
A option is ryt closo
vierandra kumar 5 months ago
sorry it is a)closo
akarsh 5 months ago
b) nido
akarsh 5 months ago
normality=wt/eqwt×v(l) here eq wt=mw/2=106/2=53 therefore ,normality=5.3/53×.1=1N thanks and regard sunil kumar ask iitian
Sunil Kumar FP 5 months ago
Normality=wt/eqwt×1000/v(ml) (5.3÷106)(1000÷100)=0.5
KATIPERI 5 months ago
Normality=wt/eqwt×1000/v(ml) (5.3÷106)(1000÷100=0.5
KATIPERI 5 months ago
Solid state - If we have to place atoms on alternate face centers how many atoms would be present in fcc arrangement.
we will have 8 atoms at the corners so 8x1/8=1 contributing atoms then for the face centres we have 1/2X6=3 for each alternating face centre 1/2 is contributed.Since the body centred atom is...
Arpan Sarkar 2 months ago
2 atom on face center @ drake baccho se mat khel solid state main dum hai toh mujse poonch ke dikha koi bhi question solid state ka samaj main aayi baat
sizzi 2 months ago
No @Arpan Sarkar the atoms are kept at ALTERNATE FACE CENTRES not at all face centres .
Drake 2 months ago
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