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Can any1 tell me what is the number of cyclic isomers of C5H10?

3 years ago


Answers : (2)



3 years ago



3)1,1-dimethyl propane

4)1,2-dimethyl propane

5)1,3-dimethyl propane

6)1,4-dimethyl propane

7)ethyl propane

2 years ago

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Please explain to me when we use Clemmension reduction method and wolff-kishner reduction method ( when only a compound is given to be reduced and no informatio about the solvents or medium ...
Saurabh Kumar 3 months ago
to reduce carbonyl compounds into alcohols dez reagents are used. clemmenson reduction affects acid sensitive grps and wolf kishner reagent affects base sensitive,if der is an...
naina 3 months ago
Q . WHICH IS THE DECREASING ORDER OF STABILITY OF THE IONS? (2)>(3)>(1) (1)>(2)>(3) (1)>(3)>(2) (3)>(1)>(2)
i am also getting the answer as (A) but the correct option is (C) in this case
Bharat Makkar 7 months ago
i think answer is c only because the carbocation there is stabilised by the lone pair of oxygen by backbonding and in second case there is deactivation by oxygen resulting highly...
daksh 7 months ago
oops sorry! dint see ur attachment...............ya even i think the answer is (a) in second one there is a chance of tautomerism and the third one is stabilized by the +Ieffect of alkyl...
Rakesh 7 months ago
which is more acidic water or methanol?
Water is more acidic than methanol because methanol is a basic and water can be considered as neutral. So, in the ph scale water is more reactive than methanol. methanol is the simplest...
Yugabrat Gogoi 9 months ago
Ethoxide ion is a stronger base than hydroxide ion. Thus ethanol is a weaker acid than water . It is true for all alcohols except methanol , which is slightly more acidic than water ....
Gman Namg one month ago
no... methanol is more acidic than water !!! (it is the only exception of alcohol being more acidic than water....generally water is more acidic than alcohols )
Saurabh Bodke one month ago
The initial prssure of COCl2 is 1000 torr.The total pressure of the system becomes 1500 torr.when the equilb COCl2(g)=CO(g) + Cl2(g).(reversible) is attained at constant temp.The value of...
The given reaction is : CoCl2(g).......................................=.......CO(g).....+.....Cl2(g) 1000...
Naveen Kumar 8 months ago
COCl2 -------> CO + Cl2 1000 torr (initial) 1000(1-x) 1000x 1000x Total pressure= 1000(1+x) = 1500 x= 0.5 or (50% dissociation) Kp= (pCl2)(pCO)/(pCOCl2) = 500 X 500 /500 you will get the...
Ramreddy 8 months ago
Don’t the electrons in an electron pair repel each other?
Hello Student Yes the electron pairs respell each other. The repulsion among the electron pairs determine the geometry of any molecule. The order of repulsion is Bond Pair – Bond Pair...
Gaurav 3 months ago
Yes, they do, and this is why pairing of electrons is related with an extra energy known as pairing energy. And this is why pairing starts only after each orbital has one electron.
Gaurav one month ago
No I meant two electrons paired together ...dont they repel each other?
Satviki Pathak 3 months ago
Name the principal ore of tin or lead. Describe the different steps (along with equations for the reactions) involved in the extraction of the metal from the ore named. Name an important...
TIN The chief ore of Lead is Casseterite or tinstone..... Casseterite ( SnO2)............ angelesite...... LEAD GALENA (PbS)
grenade 16 days ago
tin: casseterite (sno 2 ) lead galena (pbs) for extraction refer JD LEE or OP TANDON
Nicho priyatham 16 days ago
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