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what is the iupac name of neo pentane--?
2,2-dimethyl propane
pogula sumanth 4 months ago
The chemical name is 2,2-dimethylpropane HOWEVER: IUPAC nomenclature retains the trivial name neopentane!
prince raj 4 months ago
2,2-dimethyl propane.
BIRADHER SHREYA 4 months ago
As i am currently studying in 12th i want a perfect book for organic that covers all the topic of jee.. i am confused within two books whether i go for R.K Gupta OR MAESTRO Solomon and...
Solomon and Fryhle is good one beside this O.P.Agarwal,Morrison and Boyd, can also be considered. Thanks & Regards Aarti Gupta askiitians Faculty
Aarti Gupta 2 months ago
it will be better if you go with both the books...... keep r k gupta as a problem solving book and solomon and fryhle as a theory book. As far my knowledge there is no book which is both...
James Macmillan 2 months ago
what is elimination reactions?
An elimination reaction is a type of chemical reaction in which a reactant looses an atom or a group of atom and forms a double bond. Thanks & Regards, Ruchi Shaw askIITians faculty...
Ruchi Shaw 6 months ago
Elimination is the reverse of addition reaction.in this type of reactions two groups or atoms of the same molecule are removed. the two atoms or groups are generally on the adjacent carbon...
Harsha one month ago
an elimination reaction is that rection in which a group atomes/molecules looses or eliminates group of atoms or molecule then it is know as elimination reacrtion
Prinkle one month ago
write the allotropic modifications of oxygen.
Various allotropic modifications of oxygen are : 1) Dioxygen O2 2) Ozone O3 3) Atomic oxygen O1 4)Tetra oxygen O4 5)Solid oxygen which has six distinct phases. Thanks & Regards Ruchi...
Ruchi Shaw 6 months ago
dioxygen (O 2 ), ozone (O 3 ), tetraoxygen (O 4 ) and octaoxygen (O 8 ) are allotropes of oxygen . Thanks & Regards Mukesh Sharma askIITians Faculty
Mukesh Sharma 6 months ago
valency of carbon
mohit yadav 11 months ago
The valency of carbon is +4, because in carbon atom, there are 6 p+ and 6e-. So 6 protons cannot stabilise 4 more electrons but can cope up with 2e- after losing 4e-.
Malhar Shah 11 months ago
valency of carbon is four(4).so it can forms 4 bonds with other elelments
sivasai 4 months ago
what volume of 0.1M KMnO4 is need to oxidise 100mg of FeC2O4 in acidic medium?
As their number of equivalents are equal i.e n1v1=n2v2 so, We just need to find out these variables. n1 i.e normality of KMn04= molarity x n-factor n-factor of KMn04 in acidic medium is 5...
RON 8 days ago
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