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is solutions avalible for this book
Dear student, please clearly mention the book name and author name. Hope you will post the complete question....
Ramreddy 2 months ago
What is the mechanism of reaction of phenyl chloride with nan3 ?
Azide salts can decompose with release of large volumes of nitrogen gas as discussed under Applications. Protonation of azide salts gives toxic hydrazoic acid in the presence of strong...
Suraj Prasad one month ago
caculate the mass of urea required to prepare 2.5 kg of 0.5 m aq.soln.?
mass of urea required to prepare 2.5 kg of 0.5 m aq.soln. 2NH3 +CO2 -----NH2CONH2 +H2O molar mass of urea =60 molality =.5 .5=number of mole of urea/2.5 number of mole=1.25 weight of the...
Sunil Kumar FP 8 days ago
sir but the ans is 74.1,is it ok.?
Shriya Mehrotra 8 days ago
i need any tips to memorize inorganic chemistry
Hello Student. You have asked a very important question. But the answer is , There is no need to memorize it. You should try to understand the concepts of inorganic chemistry. It is not...
sumit kumar 4 months ago
what is meant by oxox acids and what about metal carbonates and sulphates nitrates
oxoacids are the acids of oxygen .example of such kind of acids are H2CO3,H2SO4,HClO etc METAL CARBONATE metal reacts with carbondioxide of the air to form carbonate.examples are...
Sunil Kumar FP 2 months ago
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