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3 years ago


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3 years ago

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how do we identify the hybridisation state after watching a carbon compound
Well...I and most of the students decide it by observing the no. of pi-bonds that carbon atom has. If no pi-bond, then sp 3 ; if one, then sp 2 ; and if two, then sp. Eg. CH 2 =C=CH-CH 3...
Yash Jain 3 months ago
Jacob james 3 months ago
what is thomas slag
an alkaline phosphorus fertilizer. It is a by-product of the production of steel from phosphorus rich pig iron. Basic slag is a dark powder that is insoluble in water and does not cake. It...
Abhinav 5 days ago
The finely powdered basic slag obtained in the Thomas-Gilchrist process. It consists of phosphates and is used as a fertilizer.
Gagan Prasad 5 days ago
is 1,1,4,4,tetramethylcyclohexane optical active and also plz exp how to find chiral carbon in cyclo and aromatic compounds
this compoun is not optically active as it contain plane of symmetry if any compound had plane of symmetry , axis of symmetry , alternate axis of symmetry, or ither one then it is not...
ng29 18 days ago
no as there is no chiral carbon chiral carbons in cyclo and aromatic compounds are identified in same way as in aliphatic ,i.e., all four groups attached should be different.
Shubham Singh 19 days ago
the no of octahedral sites per sphere in fcc structure. is
For FCC, Z = 4 Number of octahedral voids = Number of atoms per unit cell = z = 4
Pankaj 26 days ago
Pankaj 26 days ago
Explain the structure and stability of chlorides of group iV- A elements
Group IV elements form tetrahalides of the type MX 4, except PbI 4 .These halides are typically covalent,tetrahedral in structure and are very volatile.Carbon forms carbon tetrachloride(CCl...
Aarti Gupta 8 months ago
All mater in universe is made of atoms , but the basic unit of living being is cell . whay it is siven that name ? Is cells are made up of large no of atoms?
Well, its actual answer lies in their respective definitions. Cell is the basic structural and functional unit of living organisms whereas Atom is the smallest unit of a chemical element....
Yash Jain 7 months ago
cells are made up of complexes. in other words, cell is itself a colletion of large no of carbohydrates and protien molecules. eg- you already know that cell contains glucose, and glucose...
Chirag Goel 7 months ago
cell is made up of atoms mainly carbon and hydrogen and also little magnesium,potassium,calcium,iron and so on. All the cells be it brain cells, skin cells or any cell, it is made up of...
parthasarathy 6 months ago
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