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4 years ago


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4 years ago

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Other Related Questions on Organic Chemistry

In the expreiment of discovery of proton why the positively charged particle depend upon the gas ???
Adil Khan 17 days ago
@ akshat Here positively charged particles are nucleous of given gas.. so it will depend upon medium. like for H2, it is H^+. for He, it is He^+ as they are nucleous so they will behave...
Umakant biswal 15 days ago
How is pressure inversly proprtion to volume in mole concept??
For a fixed amount of an ideal gas kept at a fixed temperature, pressure and volume are inversely proportional. Or Boyle's law is a gas law , stating that the pressure and volume of a gas...
Umakant biswal 19 days ago
According to Boyle's law or Pressure-Volume Law which state that the volume of a given amount amount gas held at constant temperature varies inversely with the applied pressure when the...
somprasad 19 days ago
what are the additional polymers? give the one example?
dear manjunath.....aditional pollymers are the formed by addition of molecules of same type of monomers or double bond and single bond monomers.....
mohan 6 months ago
addition polymers is a polymers which is formed by an addition reaction,where many monomers bond together via rearrangement of bonds without the loss of any molecule orn atom.
sreekanth sree 6 months ago
Hello Manjunadh: Addition polymerization is defined succinctly by IUPAC (1) as polymeriza- tion by a repeated.Polymer chains are formed by addition to the double bond.
Gaddam Chethan 6 months ago
Is Basic strength is directly proportional to OH- ion.??
Dear student Basic strength is directly proportional to the amount of OH- ions released per unit volume by aqueous solution of a base.
Bhavya 7 days ago
What is the oxidation state of Cl in the compound HOCl
@ prashant The oxidation number of Cl is always -1 when it's not in diatomic form (Cl2). so, here also the oxidation number is -1 in the case of cl . this compound , oxidation number...
Umakant biswal 7 days ago
The Oxidation Number of Cl in HOCl is +1. It can be calculated as below: Total Charge on Molecule is Zero(0). Therefore, 0 = + 1 (for Hydrogen) – 2 (for Oxygen) ​+ X (for Chlorine) 0 = – ​1 ...
Bhasker Goel 7 days ago
Hello …... Adsorbed acetic acid on activated charcoal is : – (a) adsorber (b) absorber © adsorbent (d) adsorbate
@ jeeva here , acetic acid in activated charcoal is a adsorbate . and adsorbate are those substances , here the charcoal will behave as the adsorbent and they will give their surface to the ...
Umakant biswal 11 days ago
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