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3 years ago


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3 years ago

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ch3cn on hydrolysis gives
CN group on hydrolysis gives acid always so ch3cn on hydrolysis gives CH 3 COOH that is ethanoic acid APPROVE IF USEFUL
ng29 one month ago
CH3CONH2 and finally we will get CH3COONH4 we will get these on further more hydlorysis
grenade one month ago
@ng 29 and me both are wrong
grenade one month ago
how to identify meta direction groups
-R groups are meta directing groups. The pull the electrons towards them so the electron density on ortho and para position decreases so in a way the electron density in meta position is...
Neeti 2 days ago
what happens when i add MCPBA reagent to an alkene?
mCPBA forms epoxides when added to alkenes Check the image for the reaction
Avinash 3 days ago
which is more dominant -I or +R of chlorine?
Hi Sujit, In general when an atom shows both inductive and resonance effect, the resonance effect is stronger and considered over the inductive effect. But in case of Chlorine, the -I...
Neeti 3 days ago
use of Iodine in the refining of zirconium.
Zirconium Crude metal is heated with iodine in an evacuated vapour to separate from impurities and this decomposes at 1800K to give a pure Zirconium metal and iodine.
Avinash one month ago
Iodine is heated with Zirconium to form a volatile compound which on further heating decompose to give pure zirconium.
grenade one month ago
explain briefly about avagadro’s law
friend like you know 1 dozen means 12 like that 1mole means 6.022 into 10 to the power 23 particles this no. is called avogadro’s number avogadro told that no of moles in a substance can be ...
Rijit Singh 11 days ago
how can calculate the ionic product of water (Kw),at given temperature?
At 25 degree celcius it will be 1.01×10 -14 M 2
Susmithasri 4 months ago
at 25 degree celsius it will always be 10 -14
Tony Abraham 5 months ago
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