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can u pls expain Sabatier Senderson Reaction...

3 years ago


Answers : (1)


Sebatier Senderson reaction involves hydrogentation of alkenes to alkanes using Pd,Pt or Ni using catalyst. Addition is always Syn as the addition takes place at the metal surface and addtion of hydrogen take only a single face of the alkene .

3 years ago

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Number of 1°, 2° and 3° hydrogen in isooctane is: (1) 9,8,1 (2) 12,5,1 (3) 15,2,1 (4) None of these
@ mohit vashishtha he is wrong
grenade one month ago
check out the structure of isooctane on net the correct answer will be 2 12,5,1
grenade one month ago
oh sorry it seems that i m wrong
mohit vashishtha one month ago
Why are tertiary alcohol more reactive to haloacids than secondary and primary
Dear student the order of stability of carbocation is – tertiary > secondary > primary This is due to the fact that greater the number of alkyl gorups on the carbon carrying +ive...
Aarti Gupta 3 months ago
Dear student inductive effect is of two types- 1) --I effect which is also known as e- withdrawing effect and 2).+I effct which is also known as e- releasing effect. Alkyl groups show +I...
Aarti Gupta 3 months ago
Alcohols are the class of organic compounds which have -OH as the functional group. Reaction of alcohols with haloacids like HCl,HBr and HI involves the cleavage of C--OH bond of...
Aarti Gupta 3 months ago
How to determine reactivity of substrate towards SN² and SN ​1
the reactivity order for SN1 is 3>2>1 degrees and that for SN2 is 1>2>3 therefore if the reactant is 1 degree it will prefer SN2 and if it’s 3degree it will prefer SN1 and if it’s 2 degree...
Neeti 3 days ago
The r
Neeti 3 days ago
WWhy coagulation does not occur after peptization even if opposite charged ions are present after peptization .
peptization is final stage in solution, so coagulation stops
Charchit Tailong 2 days ago
PbI 4 does not exist because
The Iodide reduces the lead to Pb(II) and the Pb oxidizes the Iodide to Iodine (I2). Since iodide is not a strong enough reducing agent to reduce Pb(II) to Pb, the ionic compoundPbI2 is...
Komal 2 months ago
bigger size of iodine cause of the reducing nature of the iodine thus it would reduce lead to form the compound PbI2
grenade 2 months ago
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Kalyani Jayachandran Menon 10 days ago
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