can u pls expain Sabatier Senderson Reaction...

2 years ago


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Sebatier Senderson reaction involves hydrogentation of alkenes to alkanes using Pd,Pt or Ni using catalyst. Addition is always Syn as the addition takes place at the metal surface and addtion of hydrogen take only a single face of the alkene .

2 years ago

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which is best for organic chemistry:morrison and boyd or OP tandon or LG wade
LG wade.......................but go for KS verma for ahead of it
aishwary rastogi one month ago
aishwary rastogi one month ago
Sir, which is more acidic water or methanol?
water is more acidic than methanol because methoxide ion(CH3O-) is a stronger base than hydroxide ion(OH-). since CH3 group is electron releasing which increases electron density on O atom...
Ramreddy 19 hours ago
how to prepare for organic tests effectively!!?? pls suggest a method
Organic compounds unlike the inorganic ones cannot be identifeid by testing the ions as they do not give ions in the solution because of having colvalent linkages in them.Organic compounds...
Aarti Gupta one month ago
Ethanol can undergo decomposition to form two sets of products C2H5OH---- C2H4(g) + H2O(g) energy evolved = 45 units/ mole of C2H4 2- CH3CHO(g) + H2(g) E. evolved = 70 units/ mole of CH3CHO...
we have two sets of reaction (1)C2H5OH-------C2H4 +H2O (2)C2H5OH------CH3CHO +H2 Energy involved in the decomposition of ethanol= energy involved in 1 st reaction +energy involved in second...
Sunil Kumar FP yesterday
i need any tips to memorize inorganic chemistry
Hello Student. You have asked a very important question. But the answer is , There is no need to memorize it. You should try to understand the concepts of inorganic chemistry. It is not...
sumit kumar 2 months ago
What are its effects on temperature, effect on inert gases, effect on pressure ,etc?
inert gas are basically having fully filled they are highly unreactive and there is small effect. i thinh you are asking equilibrium question. lee chatlers principle effect of...
Sunil Kumar FP one month ago
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