Which one is more soluble in DIETHYL ETHER - ANHYDROUS AlCl3 or HYDROUS  AlCl3 .? Why?

2 years ago


Answers : (1)


Anhydrous AlCl3 . Its Lewis Acid character is more than hydrated AlCl3 because the lone pair on H2O satisfies the lewis acidity of AlCl3 partially in case of hydrated AlCl3. Therefore, Anhydrous AlCl3 will accept the lone pair from Ether more spontaneously.

2 years ago

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if there is hydrogen bonding between nitro and oh then meta nitrophenol must b stronger acid than p ????????????? plz ans y meta is weaker
Nitro group is an electron withdrawing group and thus it attracts the electron density of the ring and also affects the O-H bond of the alcohol group due to the resonance so that the Oxygen...
sumit kumar 22 days ago
incorrect name of an alkyne a) propyne b) but-2-yne c) pent-3-yne d) but-1-yne
Among the followings the incorrect name of an alkyne is pent-3-yne ,as according to IUPAC nomenclature the functional group must get lower number.When we count the C-chain,the functional...
Aarti Gupta 2 days ago
According to IUPAC the root word of a compound having 10 carbons is decane and what is the rot word of a compound having 11 carbons .
root word of a compound having 11 carbons is Undecane
Parvesh Kadiyan 4 months ago
compounds having eleven carbons is undecane
T C YASHWANTH 4 months ago
akshansh gupta 4 months ago
Hi I have one doubt in chemistry. That is Is rection of NaOH with water is exothermic ?
It is not actually exothermic reaction as there will be no formation of products .But heat evolves because of the formation of spheres of H with OH and OH of water with Na.
ARPITHA 8 months ago
Thank u for giving me the answer.
KARRI ANANTHA 8 months ago
how i can calculate the value of n in empirical formula when i have 119cc of volume & one gram of the compound?
Dear student, Can you elaborate on the question please. Its not clear as to what is the thing that is given and what is required to be found. Regards Sumit
Sumit Majumdar 22 days ago
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