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Which one is more soluble in DIETHYL ETHER - ANHYDROUS AlCl3 or HYDROUS  AlCl3 .? Why?

3 years ago


Answers : (1)


Anhydrous AlCl3 . Its Lewis Acid character is more than hydrated AlCl3 because the lone pair on H2O satisfies the lewis acidity of AlCl3 partially in case of hydrated AlCl3. Therefore, Anhydrous AlCl3 will accept the lone pair from Ether more spontaneously.

3 years ago

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does ethanamide give bromoform as well as amine when reacted with Naobr?
ethanamide cannot give the reaction because of no free methyl group
grenade one month ago
please tell the type of amine 1 deg 2 deg or 3 deg
grenade one month ago
It cannot give Naobr.
Adarsh one month ago
is 1,1,4,4,tetramethylcyclohexane optical active and also plz exp how to find chiral carbon in cyclo and aromatic compounds
this compoun is not optically active as it contain plane of symmetry if any compound had plane of symmetry , axis of symmetry , alternate axis of symmetry, or ither one then it is not...
ng29 2 months ago
no as there is no chiral carbon chiral carbons in cyclo and aromatic compounds are identified in same way as in aliphatic ,i.e., all four groups attached should be different.
Shubham Singh 2 months ago
how do we identify the hybridisation state after watching a carbon compound
Well...I and most of the students decide it by observing the no. of pi-bonds that carbon atom has. If no pi-bond, then sp 3 ; if one, then sp 2 ; and if two, then sp. Eg. CH 2 =C=CH-CH 3...
Yash Jain 4 months ago
Jacob james 5 months ago
HCO 3 - doesnot have hydrogen bonding.Hydrogen bonding is mainly the property of covalent compounds with polar bonds. But this is an ionic salt and thus does not show hydrogen bonding.
Pankaj 3 months ago
you cant say its ionic bcz the bond between H+ and CO3- is ionic and CO3- is covalent
samatom 2 months ago
in trimer form of sulphur trioxide, each sulphur atom is bonded with how many number of oxygen atoms
four oxygen atom
grenade one month ago
4 Oxygen atoms
Sahil Sawant one month ago
please see attachment first then read this remaining question if the second step is rate determining step then the order od rxⁿ wrt NO is
dear friend here the second step is the rate determining step or the slowest step. Here the slowest step is the second step.So the rate will depend on the concentration of 1 power of NO...
Sunil Kumar FP 9 months ago
Since here the cesond step is rate determing therefore thge proceed of the reaction will depend on the second step which is the slowest step. The order of the reaction will be-k[NOBr2][NO]...
Sunil Kumar FP 9 months ago
yes you are correct but i missed one step i told that rate =k[NOBr2][NO] But rate of formation of NOBr2=k1[NO][Br2] therefore,rate=kk1[NO]^2[Br2] Thus the rate with respect to NO will be 2...
Sunil Kumar FP 9 months ago
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