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Which one is more soluble in DIETHYL ETHER - ANHYDROUS AlCl3 or HYDROUS  AlCl3 .? Why?

3 years ago


Answers : (1)


Anhydrous AlCl3 . Its Lewis Acid character is more than hydrated AlCl3 because the lone pair on H2O satisfies the lewis acidity of AlCl3 partially in case of hydrated AlCl3. Therefore, Anhydrous AlCl3 will accept the lone pair from Ether more spontaneously.

3 years ago

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amino acetic acid is a dipolar ion but p-aminobenzoic acid is not?
amino acetic exist as zwitter ion for stability and is dipolar but not p-aminobenzoic acid approve if useful
ng29 one month ago
approve if useful approve if useful
ng29 one month ago
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ng29 11 days ago
but-2ene will be formed.
Shubham Singh 11 days ago
Does acetyl chloride give iodoform test?and why?
YES and NO.In some questions if heat is given then Qc is favouring forward reactions and reaction proceeds.
dev 4 months ago
YES and NO.In some questions if heat is given then Qc is favouring forward reactions and reaction proceeds.
dev 4 months ago
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britto george one month ago
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Suraj Prasad 7 months ago
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Suraj Prasad 7 months ago
Wikipedia is good .Can you explain in your own words in short ?
Vineeth 7 months ago
The ratio of walength of photon corresponding to the “x” line of Lyman series in H-atom and “y” line of Baler series in He+ is 1:1 1:2 1:4 3:16
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Sunil Kumar FP 9 months ago
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