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Plzz help..Its a big doubt..

In nomenclature for aromatic compounds , when do we use "phenyl". Is its C6H5 or any side chain on the ring compound..

Is its for side chain , then if NO2 group is there on the ring , why we write nitrobenzene & not phenylbenzene?

3 years ago


Answers : (1)


if from benzene a hydrogen is removed then the compound C6H5 is called phenyl.

but if a group ex. N02 is attached then it is no more a free phenyl, as in place of hydrogen a group is attached (no vacant place). thus it is called differently as nitrobenzene.

3 years ago

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first of al we have to convert the log terms in to the form of ln the we will use substitution let ln(sinx)=t.................1 therefore tanx.dx=dt...............2 from the first equation...
grenade 2 months ago
in my opinion it must be definite integration with proper limits that may be u missed bcoz indefinite integration of this function is not possible in my opinion APPROVE IF USEFUL
ng29 2 months ago
t.dx @ it would be a multiple of 2.303 pl don’t forget and then solve for the final answer
grenade 2 months ago
sir ..does your institute provide online video lectures
Yes you can purchase it online from the website.
Vijay Mukti 20 days ago
Please explain why the reaction of neopentane yields 1- chloro- 2,2-dimethyl propane when treated with chlorine molecule during free radical mechanism ? why not 1,2 methyl shift to give...
in this type of reaction free carbocation is not formed and for any shift carbocation is necessary , so no shift occurs u can refer sn sanyal for reactions and mechanisms APPROVE IF USEFUL
ng29 2 months ago
because for 1,2 me shift carbocation is necessary free radical cannt be shifted mind it
grenade 2 months ago
here phenyl gp is observed because of its mesomeric capcity u asked for methyl
grenade 2 months ago
How to calculate atomic radii (in periodic table)?
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Ashutosh Sharma 28 days ago
Assuming 2s-2p mixing is NOT operative, the paramagnetic species among the following is : (A) Be2 (B) B2 (C) C2 (D) N2 Sir, plz explain why (C) is the answer of the above question.
C is the answer because the electronic configuration of carbon molecule is @1s2 @*1s2 @2s2 @*2s2 @2pz2 pi2px1 pi2py1 the electrons are unpaired in bonding molecular orbital. rest in allother...
Sunil Kumar FP one year ago
What do they mean by 2s-2p mixing . And for number of electrons less that 14 DONOT we fill pi2px and pi2py before @ 2pz?
Gargi 18 days ago
please generalise basic concepts related to atomic structure please explain
Atoms are made of small particles called protons, neutrons, and electrons. Each of these particles is described in terms of measurable properties, including mass and charge. Mass is the...
Gayatri Jayesh Bondriya 14 days ago
thanx for this help
parth bhail 14 days ago
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