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Can sum1 pls tell me the list of reagents that need to be remembered and are commonly asked in exams

3 years ago


Answers : (1)


buy a book of "mtg" namely "mechanism for oragin chemistry"... in dat book, u can find a list of organic reagents in the end...

3 years ago

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Almost all the earths energy supply comes from what? Update: earths interior the sun carbon dioxide the oceans
the sun some comes from geothermal and some from nuclear (fossil fuel energy still comes from the sun)
vikas yadav 3 months ago
The sun
conssider too Nuclear energy from radioactive elements in the earth's mantle/core
vikas yadav 3 months ago
hoe to name this compound plzz see the image below
3,3-dimethy 5-(1,1-diethyl) propyl decane
hemanshi 2 months ago
3,3-dimethy 5-(1,1-diethyl) propyl decane
Akash 2 months ago
The IUPAC name of the given compound is 3,3-Dimethyl-5-(2-ethyl)butylpropane
Adarsh one month ago
What is the difference between glucose and fructose??????
There are a few key ways in which these two sugars differ Molecular Composition While their chemical formula is the same, the molecules of glucose and fructose are laid out in different...
Raheema Javed 7 months ago
glucose and fructose both have a molecular formula of C6H12O6. While fructose and glucose have the same calorific value, the two sugars are metabolized differently in the body. Fructose...
Sunil Kumar FP 9 months ago
glucose and fructose both are mono saccride containing 6 carbon atom,same molecular formula but glucose is aldehyde functionality while fructose is ketone
tanveer ul haq 7 months ago
How do the vanderwaals constants a, b vary for different gases? The value of a is higher for ethane than that for ammonia?
Hello Student Vander Waals constant for attraction (a) and volume (b) are characteristic for a given gas. Some salient feature of a & b are: 1. For a given gas Vander Waal’s...
Pankaj 5 months ago
Extent of attraction and repulsion depends on the nature of molecule. So, different molecules have different values of a and b.
Pankaj 2 months ago
a actually depends on te extent of forces of attraction b/w te molecules in a gas. these forces are more in ammonia (H-Bonds) tan in ethane.But the actual a value is more for etane.
Himaja 2 months ago
what is the configuration of second excited state of the element isoelectronic with O 2 or P - or Cl + is?
Dear student in excited state,an electron jumps from lower energy orbital to higher energy orbital.In this case the ground state configuration is [Ne]3s2,3p4.Now in first excited state first...
Aarti Gupta 2 months ago
Isoelectronic species are those which have same number of electrons or similar electron configuration irrespective of nature of elements involved. O 2 ,P - and Cl + are isoelectronic as they...
Aarti Gupta 2 months ago
can’t it become [Ne]3s 2 ,3p 6 …??
mansi dabriwal 2 months ago
pl solve all these que
Normality = gram equivalent by Volume of solution in litre = mass of solute by equivalent weight ÷ Volume of solution in litre = mass of solute by molar mass of solute / x factor ÷ Volume...
Akshat Jain 2 months ago
You should learn all these formulae to calculate gram euivalent. Gram Equivalent = Molar Mass of solute(M ) ÷ Equivalent Weight(E ) = Mole * X factor = Molarity * X factor = Normality *...
Akshat Jain 2 months ago
There is a problem that there is only one question(3) which i can see. There is another problem that we can attach images. so please contact me on facebook or whatsapp. Thank you.
Akshat Jain 2 months ago
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