Can sum1 pls tell me the list of reagents that need to be remembered and are commonly asked in exams

2 years ago


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buy a book of "mtg" namely "mechanism for oragin chemistry"... in dat book, u can find a list of organic reagents in the end...

2 years ago

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Why is the IUPAC name of the following organic compound is 1,5dimethylcyclopentene and not 2,3dimethylcyclopentene
to give nomencleture of cyclo compound. you must strat numbering from the group with higher priority..then further numbering should continue with orthi,meta and para positions from right...
mohit one month ago
Please find the attachment
Shivam Maheshwari 3 months ago
I’m very weak in organic part...revision track started in our college.. i have should i start my preparation?? please tell me some tips...
yes definetely you should start your preparation.First of all ,you should be starting with NCERT and have good command over it.Then you should read MORISSON and BOYD and slove each and every...
Sunil Kumar FP 24 days ago
What is the configuration in [MnCl 6 ] - ? Plzz. show the at. orbitals too....
Charge on Mn in the complex = -3 –(-6) = +3 Electronic configuration Mn3+: [Ar] 3d4 4s0 4p0 4d0 Since, Cl- is a weak ligand, it will not cause pairing of 3d electrons in...
Ramreddy yesterday
what is really meant by acid base titration
An acid–base titration is the determination of the concentration of an acid or base by exactly neutralizing the acid or base with an acid or base of known concentration. It uses...
Harsh Patodia 28 days ago
Two bottles of A and B contains 1M and 1m aqueous solutions (d=1g/ml) of sulphuric acid respectively. Compare the concentrations of bottle A and B. [AC ch5 pg 31 Q28]
To compare convert both in same unit of concentratin (in molality). { solution=H2SO4+H2O} In A, 1M means that 1mol of H2So4 is in 1000ml of solution. So 1 mol H2SO4 is in 1000g of...
Naveen Kumar 16 days ago
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