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Can sum1 pls tell me the list of reagents that need to be remembered and are commonly asked in exams

4 years ago


Answers : (1)


buy a book of "mtg" namely "mechanism for oragin chemistry"... in dat book, u can find a list of organic reagents in the end...

4 years ago

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what is c-c bond length of diamond?
The carbon-carbon (C-C) bond length in diamond is 154 pm
1.54 A c-c bond length of diamond
RAKESH CHINDAM 9 months ago
sanjay 9 months ago
Solid A is a very hard electrical insulator in solid as well as in molten state and melts at extremely high temperature. What type of solid is it?
Given solid ‘A’ is a covalent solid, such as diamond.
KUNCHAM SAMPATH 9 months ago
Given solid ‘A’ is a covalent solid, such as diamond.
RAKESH CHINDAM 9 months ago
Given solid ‘A’ is a covalent solid, such as diamond
L GOUSE BASHA 9 months ago
what are the differences between saturated compounds and unsaturated compounds?
In organic chemistry , a saturated compound is a chemical compound that has a chain of carbon atoms linked together by single bonds . Alkanes are an example of saturated compounds. An...
kenji 4 months ago
In organic chemistry, a saturated compound is a chemical compound that has a chain of carbon atoms linked together by single bonds. Alkanes are an example of saturated compounds.An...
sudarshan 4 months ago
Unlike saturated hydrocarbons in which all hydrogen atoms and carbon atoms are bonded together with single bonds, unsaturated hydrocarbons have double or even triple bonds between the carbon...
Reddeiah 4 months ago
What is Ionization Isomerism?
Ionization Isomerism Ionization isomers are identical except for a ligand has exchanging places with an anion or neutral molecule that was originally outside the coordination complex. The...
KUNCHAM SAMPATH 8 months ago
This form of isomerism arises when the counter ion in a complex salt is itself a potential ligand and can displace a ligand which can then become the counter ion. Example: [Co(NH 3 ) 5 SO 4 ...
These isomers result from the interchange of ions inside and outside the coordination sphere. For example, the red violet [Co(NH3)5Br]SO4 and the red [Co(NH3)5SO4]Br are ionization isomers....
YASWANTHKUMAR 8 months ago
Is Physical Chemistry by W. J. Moore a good book for IIT JEE preparation?
yes thats a good book for other good books refer
Nishant Vora 28 days ago
Dear student Yes the book is good to follow but only for JEE Advance and theoritical reference.
Bhavya 28 days ago
how to learn chemistry???????????????????????????????????????
Dear Chetan Chemistry is very simple to learn first you have to understand the concept when lecturer is telling and then you have to clarrify your doubts
Prabhakar ch 4 months ago
dear chetan , chemistry is science subject. you have lern this keep concentraion ,by solving chemical equations. first you may have the opinion on the basic formulaes in the chemistry . if...
raj kumar 4 months ago
dear gaddam chethan, to learn any suibject u should pay intrested in that particular subject nd obviuaslly fro chem also u chould pay intrest, . the faculty eho came doesn’t matter & u r d...
Dheeru chowdary 4 months ago
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