how to solve the question related to compound containing nitrogen sulphur and halogen

2 years ago


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How to convert ethyne to ethane?
Hydrogentaion of ethyne by raney nickel (H2/Ni) will give ethane.
Shivam 2 months ago
`by heating
neelesh gautam 2 months ago
how many isomers are possible for hexane?
Hexane(C6H14),is an alkane.There will be five possible isomers of this compound.Theses isomers are as follows:- 1). n- hexane CH 3 CH 2 CH 2 CH 2 CH 2 CH 3 2). 2-Methylpentane CH 3 CH(CH 3...
Aarti Gupta 17 days ago
Is there a shortcut for finding the number of isomers for functional hydrocarbons
Dont go for short cuts. Remember when two or more compounds have the same molecular formula but different functional group for example an aldehyde and ketone , an alcohol and ether are...
Harishwar one month ago
How many types of packing is their in unit cell?? Which are they??? Explain each
Close packing The principles involved can be understood by considering the most efficient way of packing together equal-sized spheres and stacking close-packed atomic planes in three...
Harishwar one month ago
Question in image. In a first order reaction find value of x .
Afirst-order reactionis a reaction that proceeds at a rate thatdependslinearlyonly onone reactant concentration. The rate at which a reactant is consumed in a first-order process is...
Sunil Kumar FP 3 months ago
why solubility of nitrates of alkali metals increases from top to bottom
all alkali metal nitrate are soluble in water.solubilty decrease because hydration energy decreases on going down bottom thanks and regards sunil kr askIITian faculty
Sunil Kumar FP 3 months ago
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