how to solve the question related to compound containing nitrogen sulphur and halogen

2 years ago


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what is heat of hydrogenation
Heat of hydrogenation is the energy released when a pi bond is converted to a sigma bond by the addition of hydrogen. The greater the heat of hydrogenation, the greater the potential energy...
Ashwin 17 days ago
what is the differece between ionization potential 1 , ionization potential 2 and ionization potential 3 ??
Ionization potential 1 is the energy reqired to remove the last electron from outer most orbit and IP 2 is energy required to remove the 2 nd elcetron from outer most orbit and IP 3 is...
Sai Pawan one month ago
WHy oxygen as a neighbouring group stabilises a carbocation more than S as a neighbouring group??????
It is logical you know the carbocation having carbon atom belongs to 2 nd period, so as oxygen does in this case both have proper overlapping of p orbitals as compared to sulpher belongs to...
Parvez Mahesar 9 days ago
which hydride of chalcogen has a lowest boiling point.why?
Hydrogen Sulphide has lowest boiling point because it has very low intermolecular attraction forces. Hydrogen sulfide does not have hydrogen bonding since sulfur has a low electronegativity....
GAURAV SINGH 7 months ago
out of all hydrides of chalcogens H 2 S has lowest boiling point due to absence of hydrogen bonding and gaseous nature( having weak intermolecular forces). thanks&regards askiitians...
Kamlesh Kumar 7 months ago
what id the symbol of sodium?
The symbol of sodium is Na. Thanks & Regards Aarti Gupta askiitians Faculty
Aarti Gupta 3 months ago
the symbol of sodium is Na [Natrium]
manasa gorthy 3 months ago
Samrat 3 months ago
what is le chatelier's principle??? Explain in brief..
A statement of Le Chatelier's Principle If a dynamic equilibrium is disturbed by changing the conditions, the position of equilibrium moves to counteract the change. Using Le...
Sunil Kumar FP 17 days ago
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