how to solve the question related to compound containing nitrogen sulphur and halogen

2 years ago


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nacl ionic or covalent
mohit yadav one year ago
The bond present in NaCl is ionic.Because there is a complete transfer of elctrons from on atom to another i.e Na gives its one valance electron to Cl atom to from ionic bond.
Khandavalli Satya Srikanth one year ago
it is ionic because it is made up of alkali metal(can lose e- easily) and halogen(can take a e- easily).
lokesh soni 7 months ago
is there any gud books to practice problems in inorganic chemistry?
dear friend for prcatising problem in inorganic chemistry go for op tondon exercises given in the chapters.practise more and more with previous year paper of iit,aieee,i think tis is more...
Sunil Kumar FP one month ago
Why Carbon monoxide does not obey octet rule??? does it form covalent bond?? how??
In carbon monooxide molecule,carbon(C) has 4 valence e- and oxygen( O) has 6 e-.Thus total no. of valence electrons will be 10e-.If single bond is formed between C and O,to complete the...
Aarti Gupta one month ago
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