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why chloroquine can not use for complete treatment of maleria

3 years ago


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Q . WHICH IS THE DECREASING ORDER OF STABILITY OF THE IONS? (2)>(3)>(1) (1)>(2)>(3) (1)>(3)>(2) (3)>(1)>(2)
i am also getting the answer as (A) but the correct option is (C) in this case
bharat makkar 5 months ago
i think answer is c only because the carbocation there is stabilised by the lone pair of oxygen by backbonding and in second case there is deactivation by oxygen resulting highly unstablised...
daksh 5 months ago
oops sorry! dint see ur attachment...............ya even i think the answer is (a) in second one there is a chance of tautomerism and the third one is stabilized by the +Ieffect of alkyl...
Rakesh 5 months ago
2-Chloro-3,3-dimethylbutane or 3-Chloro-2,2-dimethylbutane... My teacher first one is correct but why is the second one not correct in terms of locant rule ?? Pls help
i think second one is right plz confirm!!
naina 24 days ago
Nikhil Upadhyay 25 days ago
Nikhil Upadhyay 25 days ago
How to convert ethyne to ethane?
Hydrogentaion of ethyne by raney nickel (H2/Ni) will give ethane.
Shivam 8 months ago
`by heating
neelesh gautam 8 months ago
Can you explain the probablity diagrams (graph,the variation of phi and Phi^2 with distance from the nucleus for 1s & 2s orbitals.)? How the schrondinger conducted experiment to get this...….….….….….….….….….….….&hellip...
Harishwar 5 months ago
Using the light with low frequency we find the position of electrons but how we will find the momentum of electron using light?
Vineeth 5 months ago
Hello sir, My brother is preparing for IIT-JEE -2016. He has just take admission in class 11 th and coaching. for physical chemistry he has started with ncert, p Bahadur and R c mikherjee....
only OP TANDON book on physical chemistry is enough but if you want to solve much problem then go for only one book for numericals that is P bahadur more than enough for clearing physical...
Sunil Kumar FP 8 months ago
solve essential physical chemistry by ranjeet shai
tushar mehta 8 months ago
this is easy question and you can try to solve it
britto george 2 days ago
anhydrous aluminium trichloride is covalen in nature. However, in aqueous solution it ionizes to give al3+ (aq) and cl-(aq). explain with the help of a born haber cycle
The born-Haber cycle tells about all the individual energy changes. The given compound is covalent burt when it is released in water due to very high hydration enthalpy, it overcomes the...
Naveen Kumar 4 months ago
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