why chloroquine can not use for complete treatment of maleria

2 years ago


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incorrect name of an alkyne a) propyne b) but-2-yne c) pent-3-yne d) but-1-yne
Among the followings the incorrect name of an alkyne is pent-3-yne ,as according to IUPAC nomenclature the functional group must get lower number.When we count the C-chain,the functional...
Aarti Gupta one month ago
How to remember all the organic reactions easily?
In order to remember all the organic reactions,you have to practice them by writing.Every time when you study the reactions write down them,and focused on what is removing or what is...
Aarti Gupta 5 days ago
How to convert ethyne to ethane?
Hydrogentaion of ethyne by raney nickel (H2/Ni) will give ethane.
Shivam 22 days ago
`by heating
neelesh gautam 22 days ago
What is lattice????? Old crystal lattice???
In crystalline solids,there is regular and repeating pattern of constituent particles.If three dimensional arrangement of these constituent particles in a crystal is represented...
Aarti Gupta yesterday
diffence between riversibal and irriversibal cell?
A cell is said to be reversible if the following two conditions are fulfilled :- (i) The chemical reaction of the cell stops when an exactly equal external emf is applied. (ii) The chemical...
Aarti Gupta 4 months ago
Irreversible cells are those which require replacement of chemicals, when they give out electricity these can not be charged.Example : Zinc acid cell, dry cell. Reversible cells are those in...
Ruchi Shaw 4 months ago
Wat is Graham's law of diffusion????
Graham's law states that the rate of diffusion of a gas is inversely proportional to the square root of its molecular weight as the molecular weight of a molecule increases, the rate of...
Ashwin 13 days ago
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