there is only 2 months left for jee..ive not started organicchem...iv e just done the brothers and i leave the organic part,and proceed withphysical and inorganic part??pls show me a way..i would be very grateful..

2 years ago


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i feel u shud stick to main chapters dat hav high weightage.... like carbonyl compounds, carboxylic acids n its derivatives, nitro compounds. not but not the least is goc....

2 years ago

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how alkenes react with hydrated proton
For the hydration of alkenes, the general chemical equation of the reaction is the following: RRC=CH2 in H2O/acid → RRC(-OH)-CH3 A hydroxyl group (OH−) attaches to one carbon of...
Harishwar 10 days ago
why alcoholic.KOH gives elimination reaction but aqueous.KOH gives substitution reaction?
Aqueous KOH is alkaline in nature i.e. It gives OH - . These hydroxyde ions ions which act as strong nucleophile and replace halogen atom from alkyl halide. RCl + KOH (aq.) → ROH. This...
sumit kumar 2 months ago
Hii The question is not clear in it’s meaning .Resend the question with correct language and data and we will reach upto you with correct answers. Thanks.... .. …
Sourabh Singh 3 days ago
I need help! I have an important test scheduled for Monday and I have to study Double , Back and Redox Titration. I have O.P Tandon Physical Chemistry but I fail to understand the concept...
I think this would help you Double titration means two titrations are done in a process. In this process: The first titration is done to standardize the titrant (usually taken in burette)....
Sunil Kumar FP 2 months ago
Why Carbon monoxide does not obey octet rule??? does it form covalent bond?? how??
In carbon monooxide molecule,carbon(C) has 4 valence e- and oxygen( O) has 6 e-.Thus total no. of valence electrons will be 10e-.If single bond is formed between C and O,to complete the...
Aarti Gupta 27 days ago
a drop of water weighs 0.025 grams. Of this drop evaporates in one minute, the number of molecules escaping per second from the surface are?
18 grams of water = 1 mole of water = 6.023*10^23 molecules of water 0.025 grams of water = 0.001388 mole of water = 0.00836*10^23 molecules of water So 0.00836*10^23 molecules of water...
Harishwar 11 days ago
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