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3 years ago


Answers : (2)


Only (B) has a Z type configuration becoz it has more priorty groups on the same side .  Try CIP (Cahn - Ingold - Prelog Priorty Order) and you will get the answer.

3 years ago

Im incorrect in my first response. The correct answer for the question is (a).

3 years ago

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I have purchased the book for organic chemistry by ms chouhan, solomon, fryhle. So my question to you was that whether it is a good book for understanding organic chemistry or not or should...
both the books are enough for understanding organic chemistry. You can use MS chauhan for solving questions and solomon fryhle for theory. No other book is really...
Ramreddy 6 months ago
Thank you
Utkarsh 6 months ago
Why are tertiary alcohol more reactive to haloacids than secondary and primary
Dear student the order of stability of carbocation is – tertiary > secondary > primary This is due to the fact that greater the number of alkyl gorups on the carbon carrying +ive...
Aarti Gupta one month ago
Dear student inductive effect is of two types- 1) --I effect which is also known as e- withdrawing effect and 2).+I effct which is also known as e- releasing effect. Alkyl groups show +I...
Aarti Gupta one month ago
Alcohols are the class of organic compounds which have -OH as the functional group. Reaction of alcohols with haloacids like HCl,HBr and HI involves the cleavage of C--OH bond of...
Aarti Gupta one month ago
what is the general name of CH2
It has no common neme.......its a hydrocarbon .It is just a group of carbon and hydrogen atoms .It's name is methylene group. There are names for c2h2 etc
Saloni gordhan Rakholiya one month ago
there is no general name of ch2 it is just counted as one carbon when we do iupac nomenclature of different compunds approve if useful
ng29 one month ago
Its no compound. Its just a group and its formulated name is Methylene group.
Yash Jain one month ago
What is the difference between didentate ligand and ambidentate ligand?
Bidentate ligand A bidentate ligand has two points at which it can attach to the central atom. One example of such a ligand is: oxalate ion The two single-bonded oxygen atoms can each donate...
Raheema Javed 6 months ago
Didentate or Bidentate ligands are the logands which makes bonds with the metal ion in two places. It make two bonds with two different portion of its structure. Ambidentate ligands are the...
Aziz Alam 7 months ago
a bidentate is one which combines from 2 different sites simultaneously....but ambidentae is one which can combine from 2 sites but at a time only one site can combine(ambidentate ar...
Harishwar 7 months ago
which of the molecule can exists as such: a.He 2 b.Be 2 c.Ne 2 d.O 2 +
Be2 does not exist because it has 4 electrons in valence shell and when we draw it molecular orbital diagram its bond order comes out to be 0 so it does not exist but i think in book answer...
ng29 one month ago
d.O 2 + rest all are noble gase which are inert and they do not react with any othe compunds approve if use ful
ng29 one month ago
which book should i prefer for chemistry fo competition for iit
Whatever you feel like you can do. But plz complete it From my point of view Op tondon Ms chouhan P bahadur himanshu pandeyare good choices and even coaching pakages.
Abhinav 5 days ago
for organic ms chouhan for inorganic op tandon for physical ks verma cengage
akshat 5 days ago
prefer balaji publication
rahul 5 days ago
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