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Answers : (2)


Only (B) has a Z type configuration becoz it has more priorty groups on the same side .  Try CIP (Cahn - Ingold - Prelog Priorty Order) and you will get the answer.

2 years ago

Im incorrect in my first response. The correct answer for the question is (a).

2 years ago

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Can you suggest me best book for organic chemistry.is jagadamba Singh good one..reply me as soon as possible.
No, for organic chemistry u must go through ur NCERT and ‘morrison and boyd’ is a very good book. Both are just more than enough.
sourav 15 days ago
what product is formed when adipic acid is heated?
Adipic acid is hexane-1,6-dioic acid (CH 2 ) 4 (COOH) 2 .On heating adipic acid we will get its anhydride (CH 2 ) 4 (CO) 2 O.As per rule COOH groups are attatched to different C-atoms so...
Aarti Gupta 15 days ago
can i complete organic chemistry in 3 weeks if i already have gone through it once?
Yes you can complete the organic chemistry in 3 weeks,as you have already gone through it once.Organic chemistry demands more and more practice.If you study all the topics serial wise and...
Aarti Gupta 10 days ago
Which book is preffered for completing jee inorganic and organic in less time.
there are a lots of books in the market but i recommend the following which is shortcut and more than enough (1)jee inorganic-op tandon (2)jee organic-arihant+morrison and boyd most...
Sunil Kumar FP one month ago
Write the postulates of Bohr’s Model for atom.(Write formulae given by him also)
Various postulates of Bohr’s atomic model are: 1. In an atom, the electrons revolve around the nucleus in certain definite circular paths called orbits, or shells. 2. Each shell or...
Sunil Kumar FP one month ago
plz explain me primitive and centerd unit cell in detail...
Unit cell is the smallest portion of a crystal lattice which,when repeated in different directions generates the entire lattice.Unit cells are classified into two types- 1. Primitive unit...
Aarti Gupta yesterday
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