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3 years ago


Answers : (2)


Only (B) has a Z type configuration becoz it has more priorty groups on the same side .  Try CIP (Cahn - Ingold - Prelog Priorty Order) and you will get the answer.

3 years ago

Im incorrect in my first response. The correct answer for the question is (a).

3 years ago

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best books
PLease mention for whcih purpose you want best books (Class or Exam or Subject or Topic)
Harsh Patodia 4 months ago
please specify
dhanunjayavarma 4 months ago
first of al we have to convert the log terms in to the form of ln the we will use substitution let ln(sinx)=t.................1 therefore tanx.dx=dt...............2 from the first equation...
grenade one month ago
in my opinion it must be definite integration with proper limits that may be u missed bcoz indefinite integration of this function is not possible in my opinion APPROVE IF USEFUL
ng29 one month ago
t.dx @ it would be a multiple of 2.303 pl don’t forget and then solve for the final answer
grenade one month ago
ch3cn on hydrolysis gives
When nitriles are hydrolysed they will react with water in two stages - first to produce an amide, and then the ammonium salt of a carboxylic acid. in this question, we get CH 3 CONH 2 and...
Sakshi one month ago
CN group on hydrolysis gives acid always so ch3cn on hydrolysis gives CH 3 COOH that is ethanoic acid APPROVE IF USEFUL
ng29 one month ago
CH3CONH2 and finally we will get CH3COONH4 we will get these on further more hydlorysis
grenade one month ago
what is the configuration of second excited state of the element isoelectronic with O 2 or P - or Cl + is?
Dear student in excited state,an electron jumps from lower energy orbital to higher energy orbital.In this case the ground state configuration is [Ne]3s2,3p4.Now in first excited state first...
Aarti Gupta 2 months ago
Isoelectronic species are those which have same number of electrons or similar electron configuration irrespective of nature of elements involved. O 2 ,P - and Cl + are isoelectronic as they...
Aarti Gupta 2 months ago
can’t it become [Ne]3s 2 ,3p 6 …??
mansi dabriwal 2 months ago
it is difficult to calculate internal energy U ,however ∂U can be easily determined why??explain with example
According to Einstein's equation U=mc 2 we can calculate absolute energy of a body,but in this expresssion the term c 2 reffered to the energy of any system which is quite large and...
Aarti Gupta 6 months ago
Deepak Bohra 6 months ago
why is the equivalent weight of mohr’s salt 1?
Mohr’s salt is ferrous ammonium sulphate and its an reducing agent.The equivalent weight of Mohr’s salt is 392 which is equal to its molecular weight.This is due to the fact that...
Aarti Gupta 2 months ago
Mohr’s salt is ferrous ammonium sulphate and its an reducing agent.The equivalent weight of Mohr’s salt is 392 which is equal to its molecular weight equi. wt. of mohr salt = 392...
Sai Sampath one month ago
equi. wt. of mohr salt = 392 because Equivalent weight of Mohr salt = Mol. Wt./ no. of equivalents. = 392 / 1. = 392 . approve if useful
ankit goyal 2 months ago
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