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I have Brilliant-2007 material.My institute has just finished Organic and I'm know hwere near JEE standard in Organic ! I frequently read all the reactions and their mechanisms again and again...I'm preventing myself to do problems because almost all problems are based on reactions and their mechanisms and I I'm still NOT sure abt them. BUT I don't know whther this is the right approach to get the concepts in Organic Chemistry + Remember all the important reactions ?

7 years ago


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Hi Jathin,

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7 years ago

in Wade Jr. it was said that remembering theory without doing problems is like reading thoroughly the physique body building books and not implementing them on our body.....remember it is not our 10 class where questions come directly for the end chapter  exercises.....any competitive exam gives a twist which requires we must gain experiance in twists and problem solving read exeptions and remember them ....


happy to help...

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6 years ago

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Vikas TU one month ago
How I remember organic reactions in organic chemistry and also how I understand mechanism of any type of reactions in organic chemistry?????????
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Vikas TU 3 months ago
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Umakant biswal 3 months ago
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