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hydrogen has three isotopes: Protium ( 1 proton) , Deuterium ( 1 proton and 1 neutron), and tritium (1 proton and 2 neutrons).


which of these isotopes is most electronegative and why?

5 years ago


Answers : (2)


Dear Janani,

Protium would have the highest electronegativity value followed by Deutrium & then finally tritium ..

The electronegativity decreases in the order..



This is because electronegativity is the tendency to attract the shared pair of electrons towards a particular atom..Now for Protium(1H1) it has one proton(+ve charged) & so it could attract the electrons effectively towards itself but in deutrium there is an added neutral charge in the form of a neutron which increases the size thus reduces the electronegativity tendency of the deutrium atom & similarly for tritium..!!


If you still have any doubts then please ask them all so as to clarify them..!!

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5 years ago

as we increase the no. of electrons in s orbital, we have a strong shielding from s orbital..... so net effective charge on the adjacent atom's electrons decreses....hence its electronegativity decreses.....

Thus, Protium has largest electro-vetivity...... Smile

5 years ago

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examples of amorphous carbon?
pa1 8 months ago
COAL,COKE,charcoal, gas carbon and petroleumcoke
SAIMANIKANTA 8 months ago
how can u convert bromomethane to propanone?can we convert using grignard reagent?
In organic conversion , the first thing that matters is knowledge of regent with their functions. Secondly , I notice the diference between the original compound and the product. Usually if ...
Jayant Kishore 3 months ago
Thanks , although either of the two methods can be used for the prepration of ketones from grignard reagent . The former method is better as it gives product in only one step but it has a...
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Grignard Reagents react with cyanides to form ketones.The rection proceeds via imine formation. RMgX+ R’CN → R – (C=NMgX ) – R’ → H 3 O+ → R – (C=O ) – R’ The reaction is absolutely correct ...
Jayant Kishore 3 months ago
the shape &bond angle of nitrogen dioxideis?
pa1 8 months ago
angular shaped and 134 degrees bond angle
SAIMANIKANTA 8 months ago
20 g of impure NaCl solution is added to aqueous solution having excess AgNO3. AgCl precipitation is obtained with mass 28.7g. find % purity of NaCl.
sory corect answer is 58.5 you can approach it by writting the balance chemical eqn {1 mol agcl will be produced by one mol of nacl} so 28.7g of agcl ie;0.2 mol will be produced by 0.2 mol...
abhishek kumar 10 months ago
as 0.2 moles of agcl is produced it means Chlorine obtained from nacl was also 0.2 moles. this implies 0.2 moles of nacl were present in the impure solution. molesXatomic weight(nacl)= MASS ...
akash 10 months ago
ya thanks, but the answer i have is 58.8%. so if anyone can provide a reason for this answer, i'll be really thankful. still thank you Mr. Akash
vindhya 10 months ago
During the bleaching action SO 2 converts into...............................................??????????????????????
Gowri Sankar,During the bleaching powder action sulphur dioxide is convert into sulphuric acid and two nascent hydrogens.
SAI SARDAR 4 months ago
MY DEAR GOWRI, During the bleaching powder action sulphur dioxide is convert in to sulphuric acid and two nascent hydrogens.The two nascent hydrogens when react with coloured substance it...
naresh raju 4 months ago
DEAR GOWRI, Moist sulphur dioxide bleaches vegetable colouring matter. ... upon its reducing action whereby the colouring matter is converted into colourless products.
manichandra 4 months ago
what is the decomposition silicones?why it is called?
Dear Sudharashan Silicone rubber is an elastomer (rubber-like material) composed of compression set , dielectric strength(at high voltage), thermal conductivity, fire resistance . A
Prabhakar ch 4 months ago
hallo sudharshan Decomposition is the process by which organic substances are broken down into a much simpler form of matter. The process is essential for recycling the finite matter that...
raj kumar 4 months ago
decompisition of silicones..Silicone rubbers are widely used in industry, and there are multiple formulations. Silicone rubbers are often one- or two-part polymers, and may contain fillers...
T.kumar 4 months ago
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