hydrogen has three isotopes: Protium ( 1 proton) , Deuterium ( 1 proton and 1 neutron), and tritium (1 proton and 2 neutrons).


which of these isotopes is most electronegative and why?

3 years ago


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Dear Janani,

Protium would have the highest electronegativity value followed by Deutrium & then finally tritium ..

The electronegativity decreases in the order..



This is because electronegativity is the tendency to attract the shared pair of electrons towards a particular atom..Now for Protium(1H1) it has one proton(+ve charged) & so it could attract the electrons effectively towards itself but in deutrium there is an added neutral charge in the form of a neutron which increases the size thus reduces the electronegativity tendency of the deutrium atom & similarly for tritium..!!


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3 years ago

as we increase the no. of electrons in s orbital, we have a strong shielding from s orbital..... so net effective charge on the adjacent atom's electrons decreses....hence its electronegativity decreses.....

Thus, Protium has largest electro-vetivity...... Smile

3 years ago

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