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                   What Is Mutarotation? Give Example And Structure

4 years ago


Answers : (1)


Mutarotation is the change in the optical rotation that occurs by epimerization (that is the change in the equilibrium between two epimers, when the corresponding stereocentersinterconverted).

Cyclic sugars show mutarotation as α and β anomeric forms are interconvert. The optical rotation of the solution depends on the optical rotation of each anomer and their ratio in the solution.


4 years ago

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why 3deg rx is more stable hurry!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The reason is that it gets stabilised from the inductive effects of methyl groups.
Suraj Prasad 2 days ago
because when we will make the graph of the formation in chemical kinetics this graph will be lowerd down
akshat yesterday
Halogens (chlorine Cl 2 and bromine Br 2 ) react with alkanes in the presence of ultraviolet light to form haloalkanes.This reeaction is free radical substitution and gives a mixture of...
akshat yesterday
An organic compound of molecular formula C3H6O did not give a silver mirror with Tollen's reagent, but gave an oxime with hydroxylamine, it may be – (A) CH3 — CO — CH3 (B) C2H5CHO (C) CH2 =...
Only compounds with CH3-CO- group give silver mirror with tollens reagent thus the answer is A
Umang Rastogi 6 days ago
Umang Rastogi: Thank you :)
HP 6 days ago
The ratio of oxidation states of Br in KBr to that in KBrO3 is ?
oxidation state of Br in KBr is +1 and KBrO3 is +5 to know how it comes refer to any book u will find it in the chapter redox reaction there u can find how to calculate oxidation state
Aman Bhambra 24 days ago
Thanks for the answer. Can you explain how the answer has come? Thanks.
Krishnakumar Navaneethan 24 days ago
Krishnakumar Navaneethan 24 days ago
pls provide me information on diff types of backbonding eg. ppi-ppi,ppi-dpi,dpi,ppi,,,,,etc
Pπ- Pπ bonding is called back bonding In BF3molecule the 2P orbitals of each F atom are fully filled, while one of 2Porbital of the B atom is vacant. The two 2P orbitals involved in...
Sunil Kumar FP 9 months ago
sir i would like to know how to find the n factor from a chemical reaction? i would like to have a more clear explanation please !!!
n factor means number of equivalents per litre of solutionequivalents means the mass of the element over its valency, mass for the compound over its shared electronsso to calculate the n...
akshat 11 days ago
n factor is just change in oxidation state of particular element in compund during reaction for instance , Cr +3 --------------------------Cr +6 here chromium changes its oxidation state by...
ng29 11 days ago
Sir, can you represent internuclear axis in figure
Internuclear axis is the line connecting two nuclei. Here the axis of orbital is different from the internuclear axis. in Sigma bond : Axes of both overlapping orbitals is same as the...
Ramreddy 6 months ago
axis of orbital is different from the internuclear axis ? in figure And how the axis of orbital can you represent internuclear axis &
Vineeth 6 months ago
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