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                   What Is Mutarotation? Give Example And Structure

4 years ago


Answers : (1)


Mutarotation is the change in the optical rotation that occurs by epimerization (that is the change in the equilibrium between two epimers, when the corresponding stereocentersinterconverted).

Cyclic sugars show mutarotation as α and β anomeric forms are interconvert. The optical rotation of the solution depends on the optical rotation of each anomer and their ratio in the solution.


4 years ago

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what is nitrolium
a chemical fertilizer? (a) Nitrogen and limestone (b) Calcium carbide and nitrogen (c) Calcium carbide and carbon
L GOUSE BASHA 4 days ago
Calcium cyanamide is the with the formula CaCN 2 .It is commercially known as nitrolium.
govardhan 4 days ago
how bond can form...
The atoms of a compound are held together by chemical bonds which are formed by the interaction of electrons from each atom.Elements participate in chemical bonding so as to acquire noble...
Aarti Gupta one month ago
bond is formed by sharing or donating of electrons. plz approve
Prajwal Kavad one month ago
what is the delocalised bonding?
Delocalised bonding is when pi-electrons are 'spread out' over an entire pi framework rather than localised between two specific nuclei. All but the 1,4 pentadiene will exhibit...
Avinash one month ago
what is the oxidation state of N2O4?
srujanyadav 5 days ago
sanjay 5 days ago
4.5 gm of a metallic chloride contains 35.5 gm of chlorine .then what is the equivalent mass of metal
For an element theequivalent weightis the quantity that combines with or replaces 1.00797 grams (g) of hydrogen or 7.9997 g of oxygen; or, theweightof an element that is liberated in an...
Charchit Tailong one month ago
what is the relative lowering of a vapour pressure of 26% solution of a non-volatile solute of molecular mass 52 in diethyle ether
relative lowering of vapour pressure is equal to mole fraction of the non volatile solute. Here a 26% solution is present therefore 26gm of solute in 100gm solution therefore 100-26 = 74gm...
Neeti one month ago
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