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Kuldeep Mukherjee Grade: 12
        What Is Mutarotation? Give Example And Structure
6 years ago

Answers : (10)

Suneeta Sharma
24 Points

Mutarotation is the change in the optical rotation that occurs by epimerization (that is the change in the equilibrium between two epimers, when the corresponding stereocentersinterconverted).

Cyclic sugars show mutarotation as α and β anomeric forms are interconvert. The optical rotation of the solution depends on the optical rotation of each anomer and their ratio in the solution.


6 years ago
13 Points
										The spontaneous change at specific rotation of solution of optical active compound called muta rotation
one year ago
rahul kushwaha
114 Points
										Mutarotation has to do with how a molecule rotates the plane of light. For example, alpha glucose has theOH group at a different position than beta glucose. (See link for diagram). This angle can be measured using a Polarimeter.Mutarotation is the term given to the change in the specific rotation of plane polarized light, when it is passed through an aldohexose (monosaccharides with six carbon atoms and H-C=O group). Mutarotation refers to the conversion of a pure anomer of a hemiacetal carbohydrate to an equilibrium mixture of two anomers.As the name suggests, it is the change in rotation ("Muta" means"Change").Plane polarized light is obtained by passing ordinary light through a nicol prism.During mutarotation, either α or β forms keep changing into the chainstructure periodically to and fro.Mutarotation also refers to the interconversion between the α and β anomers. However it must be converted to the open chain structure first before it can change conformation to the α or β position.
one year ago
Shahanur Islam
19 Points
										Muta rotation mean "the change in specific optical rotation representing the interconversion of Alpha and beta form of D-glucose to eqilibrium mixture"
one year ago
kuppalla chaitanya
11 Points
										change in optical rotation because  of change in equilibrium between two anomers ,when the corresponding stereocenters interconvert
one year ago
226 Points
Mutarotation is the change in the optical rotation that occurs by epimerization (that is the change in the equilibrium between two epimers, when the corresponding stereocentersinterconverted). Cyclic sugars show mutarotation as α and β anomeric forms are interconvert.
one year ago
18 Points
										The spontaneous change in specific rotation of solution of an optically active compound with time, to an equilibrium value; is calle Mutarotation.
9 months ago
18 Points
										Mutarotation is the spontaneous change in specific rotation of solution of an optically active compound with time, to an equilibrium value.
9 months ago
Nilanjan Dey
34 Points
if the specific rotation of an optically active substance get changes on its dissolution in a solvent and finally becomes fixed
at a particular value, this is known as mutarotation.
9 months ago
K Joel
17 Points
Mutarotation is the result of spontaneous changes between alpha and beta configuration in open chair conformation
one month ago
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