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sir, the energy released during fission is 200 MeV where as energy released in Fusion is 23.5 MeV then why we say that there is more energy release in fusion

6 years ago


Answers : (1)


You have to look at energy released per unit mass of reactant.

The values mentioned are enrgy released per fission/fusion.
In case of fission it is U-235. SO energy released per unit mass will be 200/235 while in case of fusion it will be 23.5/2(deuterium) or 3 (for tritium)

So energy relased per unit mass is more in fusion.

6 years ago

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In physics,is v-t graph possible for the above specified image??
Hii this is not possible as at same point of time it is showing two positions which is kind of impossible ,Hence it is not possible to draw v-t curve .
Sourabh Singh 26 days ago
Quantum physics is based on probabilistic approach. We define a region where probability of finding a particle is maximum. But we cant exactly define its position and momentum. Hope you...
Gundeep Singh 15 days ago
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Rahul 14 days ago
what is resonance
if the frequency of a vibration made by the body under influence of external force is equal to its natural frequency is called resonance
AJITH one year ago
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Eswar one year ago
Definition of Resonance - "The increase in amplitude of oscillation of an electric or mechanical system exposed to a periodic force whose frequency is equal or very close to the natural...
SHANMUKESHWAR one year ago
from the top of a tower 40m high a ball is projected upward with speed 20m/s at an angle of elevation of 30 degree . calculate the time taken by the ball to hit the ground
Write the eqns. for y- direction, -40 = 20sin30*t – 0.5gt^2 -40 = 10*t – 5t^2 t^2 – 2t – 8 = 0 t^2 -4t + 2t – 8 = 0 t(t-4) + 2(t-4) = 0 (t+2) (t-4) = 0 t = 4 seconds.
Vikas TU 3 months ago
how we will find te magnetic feild in a circular loop?
Dear Abishek, The magnetic field is determined in a circular loop is by right hand thumb rule and it is intersected at some points .
SAI SARDAR 10 months ago
how the carnot engine works&its efficiency? could you please clear this doubts sir/madam. thank you.
@ chandu a carnot heat engine is a hypothetical heat engine which works on the besis of reversible carnot cycle . it is assumed as the most efficient heat cycle and it consists of two...
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prathyusha manda 29 days ago
What is Biot Sarvat law explain it???????????????????????????????????????????????????
Dear Kumar A cyclotron accelerates a charged particle beam using a high frequency alternating voltage which is applied between two hollow "D"-shaped sheet metal electrodes called "dees"...
Prabhakar ch 9 months ago
Biot Sarvat law: Biot Sarvat law gives us the means to calculate the field of an arbitary current distribution. The ontribution dB to the magnetic field Bfrom a length ds of a current I is...
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