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We have read that carbon - dating process involves comparing fresh and dead samples of fossils . How will we bring fresh samples of dinosaurs for carbon dating ???

6 years ago


Answers : (1)


Dear Prerit,

                Carbon dating for the case of human fossils, we can have an estimate of approximate amounts of C14 present in an average human being. Based upon this value they conduct the test to measure the amount that is left and thus estimating the time for the decay and hence the time of its death.

But in case of dianosaurs they may estimate it on the basis of its size and its food habits and various other factors while proposing a approximate value and thus continuing the test but it may not give the exact time scales.


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All the best  !!!



Askiitians Experts

Adapa Bharath

6 years ago

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Difine the term “Pitch” and also describe about it.
PITCH = no.of revolutions of pitchscale/distance moved by the pitch scale.,....., ;........................
Peddireddy Hari Kumar 6 months ago
Pitch is nothing but move.In Screw Gauge The distance traveled by the screw in the nut for one complete rotation of the head on the pitch scale is a constant and is called pitch of the...
Andanam.Prasad 6 months ago
my dear kishore garu Pitch , in physics , is equivalent to the frequency of sound waves, which are any compression waves in a medium
R PAVAN 6 months ago
A converging bundle of light rays in the shape of cone with a vertex angle of 45 degrees falls on a circular diaphragm of 20cm diametre.A lens with power 5D is fixed in the diaphragm...
I think it is 4/3 but i m not sure. I have assumed that the rays are comming from infinity so they converge at focus i.e at a distance of 20cm from lens. Radius of lens =10cm. So...
Gundeep Singh 15 days ago
what is the difference between velocity and angular velocity give me formulas ?
Linear Velocity Linear velocity is defined as the rate of change of displacement between an object and a fixed point. Angular Velocity Angular velocity is an event discussed in the angular...
Nishant Vora 6 months ago
velocity is the rate of change of displacement i.e. v=ds/dt as angular velocity is rate to change of angular displacement omega= d theta/dt
rishabh 6 months ago
velocity is rate if change of displacement.angular velocity is rate of change of angular displacement.thank you.
NARAYANA 6 months ago
Pseudo-force is a term used when defining behavior of non-inertial frames of reference, where applying this concept may simplify calculations by reducing them to Newtonian physics. More...
dolly bhatia one month ago
@ piyush what u need to understand is that pseudo force is not actually a force , it will be incorrect if u will say pseudo force a force . it is just a mathematical concept to deal with...
Umakant biswal one month ago
It is an imaginary force taken for the purpose to solve the questions...acting opposite to the direction of acceleration in the inertial frame of refrence
Utkarsh Somvanshi one month ago
what do you mean my electroststics
shashank one year ago
shashank one year ago
Is at the minimum deviation, angle of deviation is equal to angle of prism??
No that’s not always true. The minimum deviation is given when angle of incidence and angle of refraction would be equal. And that is given as: S = 2i – A hENCE not same with prism angle.
Vikas TU 2 months ago
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