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in the following reaction does conservation of mass occurs

1H1 changes to 1n0  +  positron

7 years ago


Answers : (1)


yes there is always a conversion of mass in such reactions because the masses of these neuclear entities are different from each other and their interconversion and the occurence undergoes conversion of mass which explains the existence of bounding forces inside nucleus.



7 years ago

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The stoping potential is equal to maximum kinetic energy of photo electron in eV
@ vikas what excatly your question ?? i am not getting it . will u be little bit elaborate the query , so, that we can help u out from this .. actually stopping potential is the minimum...
Umakant biswal 2 months ago
The displacement x of a body varies with time t as x=-2/3 t×t + 16 t +2. In what time of body comes to rest
velocity should be equal to zero that is dx/dt = 0. Hence, v = dx/dt = -4t/3 + 16 = 0 t/3 = 4 t = 12 s. After 12 seconds the body will come to rest.
Vikas TU 16 days ago
What Is Meant By Newton’s Law Of Cooling ? It Is Not Explanied Anywehere Else Sir Please Tell The Answer As Soon As Possible
Temperature difference in any situation results from energy flow into a system or energy flow from a system to surroundings. The former leads to heating, whereas latter leads to cooling of...
BOLLU SRINIVAS one year ago
Earth magnetic elements angle of dip ka derivation ​ ​
@ piyush the derivation is a little bit complex at your class 12 th level , so, u need to only remmeber the formula , nothing else , with diagram , the ques in exam will ask you about the...
Umakant biswal 27 days ago
a boy of weight 25kg slide sdown a rope hanging from the branch of the tree.if the force of friction against him is 50N,the boys acceleration is?
Simply balance the forces along with friction force. Therfore, F – f = ma 250 – 50 = 25a a = 200/25 = 40/5 = 8 m/s^2
Vikas TU one month ago
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  • Complete Physics Course - Class 11
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