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I am in my second year .I am very passionate about theory of relativity .Not only me many of my frnds too .We were just discussing about the theory and one of my frnds raised a question .All of us tried to solve it but we got 9 different answers although we worked together .But at last we were satisfied by an answer as we thought that was the final concept we could use. I am writing that question here. Can anyone of u please clarify me wheather our answer is correct or not.


Two bodies 'A' and 'B' are at rest at time t=0 at same point. they start moving with velocities 'c' and 'c/2' ( c = speed of light). After 1 sec ,where does A appear to be with respect to B.


Answer wch we got :

" c/2 "

6 years ago


Answers : (2)


same direction: (c-(c/2))/(1-c(c/2)/c2) =c

opposite direction: (c+(c/2))/(1+c(c/2)/c2) =c

thus correct answer is 'c' and not 'c/2'

6 years ago

i am satisfied with chetan from the theory of relativity speed of lighty remains constant irrespective of speed of observer so time will dilate for b and also for A.

5 years ago

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santosh kumar one year ago
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Jangam Mohan 2 months ago
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SAI SARDAR 2 months ago
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  • Complete Physics Course - Class 11
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