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Hi Nilamni,

What exactally you want to know in this?



2 years ago
                                        As we know,
? = 1 2 L F µ ; w h e r e v i s f r e q u e n c y , F i s t h e t e n s i o n i n t h e s t r i n g a n d µ i s t h e m a s s d e n s i t y o f s t r i n g
According to Question,
288 = 1 2 × 80 F µ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ( 1 ) 312 = 1 2 L F µ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ( 2 ) O n d i v i d i n g e q u a t i o n ( 1 ) a n d ( 2 ) w e g e t , 288 312 = 2 L 2 × 80 ? L = 73 . 85 c m
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Please give the answer of 1st question .
1rst question?
Saloni gordhan Rakholiya one month ago
A rectangular brick is thrown in a projectile motion in two configurations: along the breadth and along the length as shown in the figures. In which of the configurations will the brick...
Dear student, The rectangular brick would be able to cover a longer range in the configuration 1 as the air drag in the second case would be more. We are taking a real life situation so...
Sumit Majumdar one month ago
if R and Hare the horizontal range and maximum hieght attained by a projectile, then its speed for projection is?
Dear student, The Range and vertical height would be given by the relation: Hence, Using this, we can find the speed of projection. Regards
Sumit Majumdar 29 days ago
sir but the answer given in the key is under root 2gH +R 2 g/8H sir please explain in detail?
shrilekha sharma 29 days ago
Two particles are simultaneously thrown from top of two towers one of height h and another h+9 . their velocities are 14 and 2 respectively. Horizontal and vertical separation between...
Hi, For this question,Draw a neat firgure first and Cacluate the x and y coordinates of both the particles as a function of time (t) using equations of motion and taking the origin to be...
Shobhit Varshney 13 days ago
page number-249 objective 1 question number 12
the answer will be independent of the frame, so the magnetic field will remain the same.
But why it will be frame independent.
hardik one year ago
In an ore containing Uranium, the ratio of U 238 to Pb 206 nuclei is 3. Calculate the age of the ore, assuming that all the lead present in the ore is the final stable product of U 238 ....
Hello Student, Please find the answer to your question Number of atoms of 238 U initially / Numbarof atoms of 238 U finally = 4 / 3 = a / (a - x) [∵ Initially one part lead is present with...
Navjyot Kalra 4 months ago
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