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one year ago


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Hi Nilamni,

What exactally you want to know in this?



3 years ago
                                        As we know,
? = 1 2 L F µ ; w h e r e v i s f r e q u e n c y , F i s t h e t e n s i o n i n t h e s t r i n g a n d µ i s t h e m a s s d e n s i t y o f s t r i n g
According to Question,
288 = 1 2 × 80 F µ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ( 1 ) 312 = 1 2 L F µ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ( 2 ) O n d i v i d i n g e q u a t i o n ( 1 ) a n d ( 2 ) w e g e t , 288 312 = 2 L 2 × 80 ? L = 73 . 85 c m
one year ago

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Aditi Chauhan one month ago
Sir how you get ω = dθ/dt = 90 0 (2 π/180 0 )/30s as dθ = 90 0 = π/2
Adarsh one month ago
Long question (20 marks) 22. A point like object with mass m = 1 kg starts from rest at point x 0 = 10 m and moves without any friction under a force F which depends on the coordinate x as...
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Shobhit Varshney 8 months ago
Can you please post the correct graphs so I can check my answers?
Ayesha Khan 8 months ago
Can you please post the correct graphs so I can check my answers?
Ayesha Khan 8 months ago
If a planet of given density were made larger its force of attraction for an object on its surface would increase because of planet's greater mass but would decrease beacuse of larger...
Incrase in the radius would be sure as well as Increase in mass. Hence option ‘c’ is correct. Good Luck.......................................................
Saurabh Kumar 8 months ago
Hiiii I am from .We connect students with teachers on facebook,whats app,etc.You can clear your concepts from teachers .You can ask them anything , you like to, be frank...
vikash khandelwal 8 months ago
a small electric dipole is placed at origin with its axis directed along +ve x axis.direcn of electric field at a point 1,root2 ,0 is along line : zaxis,y axis,x axis, line y=x.
ok i am SORRY it was a very bad guss so sorry ya the ans is y axis u need to use the formula tan(alpha) =(1/2)tan(teta) to solve this problem i am sorry i cant explain u with a digram hear...
Nicho priyatham 16 days ago
here alpha is the angle made by the electric field at point P with the position vector of point p havent u come across this formula before......???? if no plz learn how to find the electric ...
Nicho priyatham 15 days ago
no i was not getting what pv was got confused anyways got it now thanks!
Akshita Goyal 15 days ago
What is the nature of energy stored in an inductor?
In which sense.
Piyush 25 days ago
It is difficult to “boil” eggs in water at the top of a high mountain because water boils there at a relatively low temperature. What is a simple, practical way of overcoming this difficult?
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Aditi Chauhan 22 days ago
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