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Hi Nilamni,

What exactally you want to know in this?



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                                        As we know,
? = 1 2 L F µ ; w h e r e v i s f r e q u e n c y , F i s t h e t e n s i o n i n t h e s t r i n g a n d µ i s t h e m a s s d e n s i t y o f s t r i n g
According to Question,
288 = 1 2 × 80 F µ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ( 1 ) 312 = 1 2 L F µ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ( 2 ) O n d i v i d i n g e q u a t i o n ( 1 ) a n d ( 2 ) w e g e t , 288 312 = 2 L 2 × 80 ? L = 73 . 85 c m
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Long question (20 marks) 22. A point like object with mass m = 1 kg starts from rest at point x 0 = 10 m and moves without any friction under a force F which depends on the coordinate x as...
Hi, We know the force as a function of x using this graph under different x ranges. Use this equation, calculate different parameters, ex- Kinetic energy = Work done = F * x...
Shobhit Varshney 10 days ago
Can you please post the correct graphs so I can check my answers?
Ayesha Khan 10 days ago
Can you please post the correct graphs so I can check my answers?
Ayesha Khan 10 days ago
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Problem 1: Approach: You calculate Tension forces on blocks by dividing applied force as F->F/2->F/4. Now calculate acceleration of a block is F/4m – g. If it is less than zero, a = 0....
Sandeep Pathak one month ago
what does the formula F=-dU/dx actually mean ? where du is the work done in a small period, f is the force and dx is a symbol for arbitrary displacement. how and where do we use this...
Dear student, If we can find a force which when acting on an object is a function of position only, it is said to be a conservative force, and it can be represented by a potential energy...
Sumit Majumdar 2 months ago
A ball starts falling freely from height h from a point on the inclined plane forming alpha with horizontal. after collision with the incline it rebounds elastically off the plane. Find time...
Dear Student, Just before collision at point A on the wedge,(see the figure below) Just after the collision at point A (seet he figure below) The ball collides again on the wedge at point B....
Shobhit Varshney one month ago
A particle is moving around in a circle and its position is given in polar coordinates as x = Rcos?, and y = Rsin?, where R is the radius of the circle, and ? is in radians. From these...
we only need to look at the equation for the x -position, since we know that centripetal acceleration points towards the center of the circle. Thus, when ? = 0, the second derivative of x...
Sher Mohammad 5 months ago
If all the batteries are ideal then potential at junction C is :
Key word in the question is ‘Ideal bettery’ that means no internal resistance. Now use KCL at the junctions for which sum of the current at the junction to be zero. Since Va = 50...
Saurabh Kumar one month ago
What is the direction of earths electric field near the earths surface..?
The earth's atmosphere has an electric field that is directed radially inward. thanks & regards Rinkoo Gupta AskIITians faculty
Rinkoo Gupta 5 months ago
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