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one year ago


Answers : (2)


Hi Nilamni,

What exactally you want to know in this?



3 years ago
                                        As we know,
? = 1 2 L F µ ; w h e r e v i s f r e q u e n c y , F i s t h e t e n s i o n i n t h e s t r i n g a n d µ i s t h e m a s s d e n s i t y o f s t r i n g
According to Question,
288 = 1 2 × 80 F µ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ( 1 ) 312 = 1 2 L F µ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ( 2 ) O n d i v i d i n g e q u a t i o n ( 1 ) a n d ( 2 ) w e g e t , 288 312 = 2 L 2 × 80 ? L = 73 . 85 c m
one year ago

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i want to understand the concept of graphs in motion in one dimension
Motion Graphs Constant acceleration motion can be characterized by motion equations and by motion graphs. The graphs of distance, velocity and acceleration as functions of time below were...
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In this example where the initial position and velocity were zero, the height of the position curve is a measure of the area under the velocity curve. The height of the position curve will...
Gayatri Jayesh Bondriya 14 days ago
A considerable amount of information about the motion can be obtained by examining the slope of the various graphs. The slope of the graph of position as a function of time is equal to the...
Gayatri Jayesh Bondriya 14 days ago
Q.13--- why u/cos@ and not 2ucos@?
Assuming that speed of the mass is v and that of the ends P and Q is given as u . Since M has velocity v the tiny length of thread which is attached to the mass directly will also have...
Neeti 2 days ago
I’m really sorry i don’t know how else i should explain it. You have to visualize it yourself. Ok try this, i’m sure you’ve watched harry potter. in the second movie when Ron drives the car ...
Neeti 2 days ago
I know why you would think that. Surprisingly i had once got stuck in the same question :P Well for the simple reason, you cannot just take a component of u in the vertically upward...
Neeti 2 days ago
River 30m wide, flowing at a velocity of 3.5m/s. Boat whose velocity 6m/s crosses the river from a point A on one bank and to a point B on another bank, 5m upstream. what is the time take...
Otherwise first find the angle by which it will going to move (by finding the time along x and along y and equate) then you will be able to find time.
Piyush 5 days ago
How you have solved this question?
Piyush 5 days ago
What is the actual reason for current to lead voltage in capacitive circuit with ac source?
The function of capacitor is resisting the change in voltage and the function of inductance is to resist the change in current. In capacitive circuit ,the capacitor resists the change in the...
Aziz Alam 9 months ago
RL circuit derivative
Saurabh Kumar 4 months ago
a ring of rdius 0.1m is made out of a metallic wire of cross section 10^6 m^2.the ring has a uniform charge of pi coulumb.find change in radius of ring when charge of 10^-7coulumb is placed ...
New radius=r consider the element which substends angle d(theta) at the center. At the two end points of the element tangential tension will be there ---> resolve it -----> only...
Piyush 2 months ago
You can do this with other method find out tension with the above method keeping the radius as original one and find out young’s modulus in terms of R and dR. But young’s modulus...
Piyush 2 months ago
thank you sir but what will be value of tension?
Akshita Goyal 2 months ago
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