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i am findin newton's laws pf motion centre of mass and rigid body dynamics very there any particular way i can tackle these chapters..??

6 years ago


Answers : (1)


Though i am not an expert but because i had the same problem so may be you could try  out  my method if you think itz gona b f any help. Go through the solved examples of HCVerma n den try doin a few sums if u can.If ur goin for IITJEE 2010 derz no tym left for doin sums.See solved examples of these topics given in various IITJEE Practice materials.You may go through any material of ur coaching(if u hv ne).C d examples, c hw d sum is being solved,Grab the basic concepts n practice hard n keep ur mind cool.All The Vry Bst 4 watevr ur doin.

6 years ago

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I`m pretty much confusedone about my preparation strategy as I have a lot of books I used to jump from one to another, I have also got myself a dlp of fiitjee now I`m totally confused...
@ pratyay dnt confuse and surround with many books , these will gng to hamper your jee preparation for sure , so, frst of all read hcv and solve all the examples of it , its almost...
2017 years ago
a bomb at rest explodes into two parts m1 and m2.if the momentums of two parts be p1 and p2 then kinetic energy will be in the ratio
ratio will be P1^2xM2/p^2xM1.... but as by law of conservation of momentum … initial momentum=0.. so p1=-p2.....hence final and the correct answer is M2/M1...
2017 years ago
In how much time will my question get answered??can you please reply and give me the correct answer?
Hai student, Your questiions will be answered as soon as possible. Ask your subject doubts to get clarified at AskIITians.
Dr.Adam Shaik 6 days ago
if 2Ω and 1Ω are the internal resistances of cells ,then the terminal voltage across 2 nd cell of 5V emf is ____
Apply Kvl kn the circuit, 10 + 5 – i – 2i = 0 3i = 15 i = 5 A terminal voltage across 5V is: => 5 – 5*1 = 0 v
Vikas TU 2 months ago
What is the importance of Oersted’s experiment explain me...thanks in advance
According to Oersted’s experiment the magnetic field is associated with electric current flowing in a conductor. He also noted that the alignment of magnetic needle is tangential to a...
KALYAN 10 months ago
a faulty baromete r how to calculate saturation vapour pressure solutions of physics answers
Faulty barometer contain certain amount of air and saturated water vapour is known as faulty baromer . Saturation vapour pressure is a funtion of term only the temparature .The evapouration ...
U.Divyatejasree 28 days ago
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  • Complete Physics Course - Class 12
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  • Complete Physics Course - Class 11
  • OFFERED PRICE: R 2,800
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