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can u explain me when we say net torque is zero and v can apply angular momentum.

i hav solved about 250 ques on mechanics and is it which part i shift ist thermodyanmics or electro and magnetic first as time is less???

how many days is necesaary 2 giv to optics,i hav not single from that topic till now 

6 years ago


Answers : (1)


Dear jimmyu

Main thing is to clear the concept. you can clear the concept just by solving 20-30 question. some time for some student solving more than 200 question is not enough.So depending upon ur capability you should solve questions. I think u are revising your you should choose that topic in which you are weak.

Optics' too contributes approximately 10% to the IIT-JEE .  Within Optics, it has been observed that problems on Physical optics are more frequent than that on Geometrical optics. Students should  devote about 7% of time on Optics for robust preparation.

Please feel free to post as many doubts on our discussion forum as you can.
If you find any question Difficult to understand - post it here and we will get you
the answer and detailed  solution very  quickly.

 We are all IITians and here to help you in your IIT JEE preparation.

All the best.
Askiitians Experts

6 years ago

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the resultant of two forces is 250n and the same are inclined at 30 n 45 with resultant,one on either side.calculate the magnitute of two forces.
sorry forum bug... Let the two forces be F1 and F2 and resultant be R. Lets assume F1 lies on x axis So if F1 is on x axis , F2 will make 75degrees with x axis and resultant will make...
Manas Shukla one month ago
For the sake of simplicity lets assume
Manas Shukla one month ago
Two monkeys of masses 10 kg and 8 kg are moving along a vertical light rope, the former climbing up with an acceleration of 2m/s 2 while the latter coming down with a uniform velocity of 2...
Tension due to monkey on A =m (g+a) 10 (10+2) =120Tension due to monkey B =mg =8×10 =80Total tension =(120+80) =200N
2017 years ago
a ball is projected with a velocity of 40√2 m/s at an angle of 45 find the position and velocity of the ball after 2 sec
please explain further in an easier way
the 3 months ago
velocity in both x and y directions=40 m/s. For X coordinate, X=40t i.e X=40x2=80m For Y coordinate, Y=Uyt+1/2gt^2 i.e. Y=40x2-1/2x10x4=60m Position of ball after 2 sec= (80,60) Velocity in ...
Prabhjot Singh 3 months ago
what is latent heat?what is the latent specific heat of fusion and vapourization?
Hi, latent heat meat when the subtance is changes to one state to another state by the heat that heat is called LATENT HEAT. LATENT SPECIFIC HEAT OF FUSION is nothing but one unit of the...
A 110 V dc heater is used on an ac source such that the heat produced is same as it produces when connected to 110 V dc in same time intervals .What would be the rms value of the...
Since heat produced is same in same time period therfore voltage for this time period is same across the heater. For Dc supply voltage is 110 V. So, RMS voltage is also 110 V. BEST OF...
Bejoi Mathew 2 months ago
How many types of inductions are there according to electronic magnetic inductions??????????????????? And it`s uses.....
@ kamal below are some of the types of inductor that are used in electrnocs 1- air core inductor – used in tv and radio receivers , offers high resistance . 2- ferro magnetic or iron core...
2017 years ago
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  • Complete Physics Course - Class 11
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