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				   what is differce between angle of toppling and repose

6 years ago


Answers : (1)


Dear jimmyu

angel of Repose

The maximum angle of slope at which sand, loose rock, etc. will remain in place without sliding(just at the verge of sliding down along the inclined plane), as on a hillside.

When bulk granular materials are poured onto a horizontal surface, a conical pile will form. The internal angle between the surface of the pile and the horizontal surface is known as the angle of repose and is related to the density, surface area and shapes of the particles, and the coefficient of friction of the material. Material with a low angle of repose forms flatter piles than material with a high angle of repose. In other words, the angle of repose is the angle a pile forms with the ground

Angel of toppling

If a body is resting on a rough slope, it will be on the verge of toppling over when the weight of the body acts through the edge of the part of the body which is in contact with the slope.The slope of wedge at which body topple is  called the angel of toppling.

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All the best.
Askiitians Experts

6 years ago

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Piyush Behera 9 days ago
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Manas Shukla 3 days ago
why quantisation of charge has no significance at macroscopic level?
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Ajmal Pt one year ago
shubham khanna one year ago
I want to know that how to solve complicated questions of physics?
@ anup nothing is complicaTED in physics as far as i knows . if u will read with besic concept and your concept will be crystal clear in that case the thing will be easy ., frst of all...
Umakant biswal 25 days ago
questions in physics are not at all complicated ur thinking and perception on physics is complicated... if u change that u can solve anything... all the best for ur change
prathyusha manda 25 days ago
what is system??
the particle under study is called system
RAKESH CHINDAM one year ago
the particle under study is called system
Gavvala Ganesh one year ago
the particle under study is called system
KUNCHAM SAMPATH one year ago
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