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1.The length of of a seconds hand in a watch is 1cm.The change in velocity of its tip in 15s is what?

2.A particle is projected vertically upwards and reaches the maxm. ht. H in time T.The ht. of a particle at any time t will be what?

6 years ago


Answers : (3)


Dear Chandan Das

speed of tip of second hand is constant =2∏*1/60  cm/sec

                                                         =∏/30  cm/sec

so in 15 sec it will rotate by an angel 90 degree

initial velocity = ∏/30 i

final velocity = ∏/30(-j)

change in velocity = | ∏/30(-j)  - ∏/30 i|

                          =∏√2/30  cm/sec

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Askiitians Experts

6 years ago
										Ans 2: Max Height: u^2sin^?/2g =  H

usin?/g = T
Displacement at any time t = xtan?-(1/2)gx^2/(u^2cos^2?)
Replace x with ucos?t : utsin?-(1/2)gt^2
6 years ago

Max Height Attained : H = (u2sin2θ)/2g      ½


Time Taken For Achieving Max. Height : T = usinθ/g

Displacement At Any time t: xtanθ-½gx2/(u2cos2θ)

Replace x with ucosθt : utsinθ-½gt2

= 2Ht/T-½gt2


6 years ago

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