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A wire is hanging  from wall . It elongates due to its own weight .  Find the ratio of elongation in the upper half to the lower half in the string

6 years ago


Answers : (1)

										A child of mass m sits in a swing of negligible mass suspended by a rope of length l. Assume that the dimensions of the child are negligible compared with l.

His father pulls the child back until the rope makes an angle of one radian with vertical, then pushes with a force F=mg along the arc of the circle releasing at the vertical :
a) How high up will the swing go?
b) How long did the father push?
6 years ago

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Refer to the figure. All the surfaces are frictionless. The strings are massless and inextensible. The ratio of tensions T1 and T2 is: a)1 : 5 , b) 5 : 1, c) 1 : 1, d) 6 : 1 (answer), e)1 : ...
Let the acceleration of the system be a. Considering the 2kg and 10kg masses and writing the equation of motion for them, we have: For 10kg mass: (1) For 2kg mass: (2) Substituting eqn(2)...
Raman Mishra one month ago
The applied force is not mentioned...we cant solve without it...there is a short cut method for this type of problems....I cant use it unless u give the numerical value of the force which is...
Soham Chowdhury one month ago
But the force was not given with the question. There was no numerical value, just ‘F’. I’d be happy if you gave me the shortcut, though.
Grace Mathew one month ago
Atennis ball bounces down a flght of stairs striking each step in turn and rebounding to the height of the step above. Then coefficient of restitution is?
This can be visualised as: h is directly proprtional to v^2 and height get doubled after one step then, for height h initial vel. is v^2 after height 2h the vel. becomes 4v^2 e =...
2017 years ago
Hi Sankalp, I use the Android app, HashLearn, to get my doubts cleared by IIT tutors on HashLearn. You should definitely try it. :)
5 days ago
An object moving with the speed of 6.25m/s, is decelerated at a rate given by:dv–2.5vdt?where v is the instantaneous speed. The time taken by the object, to come to rest would be?
dv = – 2.5 v dt integerating both sides, dv/v = -2.5dt logv = -2.5t to come to rest velcity should be zero and log0 = – infinity therefore, from the concept the object would never stops .
2017 years ago
pls explain the the magnetic lines of force , what type of force in which .these are consists of electrons??????
magnetic lines of force is the way to represent the strength and orientation of magetic field. It basically povides the basic comonents of magnetic foeeld to determine them. . Magnegtic...
Vikas TU 2 months ago
Outline the path-breaking experiments of Faraday and Henry and highlight the contributions of these experiments to our understanding of electromagnetism?
Faraday discovered the principle of electromagnetic induction. . He took a magnet and a coil wth galvanometer and did many experiments including displacing the magnet towards the coil then...
Vikas TU 2 months ago
What is the actual range of conductivity of insulators???
The actual range of conductivity of insulators is 10 -11 – 10 -19 Sm -1 . Hope you understand my answer . ALL THE BEST..
Adarsh 2 months ago
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