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a uniform rod of length  L and mass  2M on a smooth horizontal table .a point mass M moving horizontally at right angles to the rod with  velocity V collides with one end of rod and sticks it then

1..angular velocity of the system after collision is ?

2..the loss in k.E of the system as a whole as a result of  the collision is ?

6 years ago


Answers : (1)


Dear akash



since there is no external force so linear momentum and angular momentum will remain conserved

MV = M(WL/2) + 2MV1

V = WL/2  + 2V1 .

V1 = V/2 - WL/4 ...........1

conservation of angular momentum

MVL/2 = MW(L/2)(L/2)  + I W

MVL/2 = MW(L/2)(L/2)  + 2ML2/12 W

V  =  WL/2  + WL/3

V   =5WL/6

W =6V/5L

from equation 1

 V1 = V/5

loss in K.E = 1/2MV2   - 1/2 2M V12 - 1/2 M (WL/2)2 - 1/2 I w2


put the value and calculate


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6 years ago

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Quasim Khan 7 days ago
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Manas Shukla 5 days ago
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Arjun Kumar 2 days ago
i used to study 8 hors per day and i belongs to OBC caste can i get iit bombay CSE
Hey student.. See it all depends on the amount of hard work and how effective hard work you do for the exam hope for the best and lets see what happens..
Sakshi 5 months ago
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