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what is the direction of resultant velocity of centre of mass if a rod is falling with its one corner always touches a wall and other t the floor . give the result at any angle theta and give its proof


6 years ago


Answers : (1)





Point O is the instataneous center of roration so Velocity is perpendicular to line joing this point to the centerof mass of the rod.

Velocity vector is making angel x with the vertical .

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6 years ago

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while solving constraints how can we resolve velocity along a fixed length?
To solve in a fixed length always: First consider a position/displacement parametric equation. Rememebr the variables U have introduced. Then differentiatte it to get the velcocity. And...
Vikas TU 3 days ago
In the figure (check attachement) the reading of the spring balance will be (take g=10m/s2): A) 60 kg f. B)5 kg f. C) 60 N. D) 60 kg f.
May I know what is the correct answer to this question. So as to help myself in studies.Hope You reply as soon as possible.
Mudit 2 months ago
Weight isin downward direction(mg).It can be resolved into two components mgcos30 and mg sin30. mgsin30 is down the inclined plane.The reading of spring balance =mgsin30 =10*0.5*g = 5kg f...
Mudit 2 months ago
a body is projected with a velocity 60 ms at 30 degrees to horizontal.its initial velocity vector is
on resolving the vector into its x axis and y axis.60cos30 i+60sin30 j.solve it now.u wil get required answer
sunny 3 months ago
u=ucos theta +u sin theta u=60[cos30]+60[sin30] u=30 root 3i+30j this is the correct process for the answer
Sathvik Jaisheel 11 days ago
Find the equivalent resistance between A And Din this circuit
The loop ABCDA shown in the circuit is a Wheatstone bridge circuit( r ab /r ad = r bc /r dc ) in which points B and D are at same potential i.e, V b = V d . Hence no current will flow in...
Raman Mishra one month ago
We are lucky that the earth is not in thermal equilibrium with the sun (which has a surface temperature of 5800K). But why are not the two bodies in thermal equilibrium?
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Vikas TU 21 days ago
i am feeling difficult to understand a problem completely.i am unalble to get ideas while solving problems.please help mw with some tips.
Try to focus on every aspect of the question. Please try to read the question repeatedly and try to think of its way of solutoin before solving actually. Thanks
Vijay Mukati one year ago
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  • Complete Physics Course - Class 11
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